nocte vocat The Night Calls


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Tenysbria is under attack; blight falls from the sky in neverending flurries, blanketing the world in a permanent dusky landscape, where only the hardiest of crops are capable of growing. The denizens of this land eventually fall ill to the Sickness, if they aren't torn to shreds by the multitude of amalgamations created when blight — demonic particles — form and coalesce.     In comes the Dark Chapter, whose members fight against the blightlings and amalgamations with their mortal flesh, blessed silver, divine and daemonium magic. For the past fifty years, Tenysbria has been under attack and even with the otherworldly abilities the Dark Chapter members harness, there's little to be done when the blight continues to fall.     But when reports of self-aware amalgamations begin to crop up all over the demesnes, a squadron is formed, made up of distinguished Dark Chapter members. Their mission? To capture and interrogate one of these self-aware blightlings, and then extinguish the threat at its source.
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