Nobat's Hell

God fell in love with a mortal— an unnotable human by the name of Nobat. She loved them from a distance— giving them little gifts, be it in the form of supernatural luck, saving them from car accidents, or by giving them an extra chip at the bottom of the bag sometimes. In her infinite love and wisdom, she ensured that Nobat would never fall for any mortal soul. Either by isolating them, prematurely killing their soulmates, or humiliating them whenever they did procure dates.   Yet the brat wouldn't give up. God thought to make them smarter— but, their stupidity was cute, and easily manipulated. And so, God appeared before them, professed her love— and was immediately rejected. Nobat claimed "I don't believe in you." and "That's the worst cosplay I've ever seen." followed by "If God is real let them strike me down with a giant rubber duck."   And so, Nobat died at a young age— being crushed to death by a giant rubber duck. Now, Nobat resides in their personal hell— and must endure 1001 punishments in order to enter heaven. Punishments, of course, given lovingly by God herself...  


This is a comedy-smut world! As such, this is a strictly 18+ world! For those remaining, know that many kinks will be explored here— warnings will be placed at the top of every article, and a full list of warnings can be found in the introduction below.  
An Introduction to Nobat's Hell
Generic article | Aug 17, 2021
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