Rivers of blood raged from the battlefield as the death cries chased the scavengers from the sky. The ringing of steel still sounded as the emperor fought shoulder to shoulder with his personal guards. The flickering light like strikes of lightning flashed as the yithandreal swords and spears danced their ballet of death. Hundreds of broken swords and smashed shields littered the hill making the footing treacherous. In spite of hundreds of true strikes leaving the emperor's surcoat in rags his polished silver breastplate, helm, and greaves were marked by no scratch or drop of blood. When the reinforcements arrived the enemy fled as the sun shone down upon the ragged cloth and glittering metal of the emperor and his guards.
- Emperor Alfrin's Impossible Stand, Duianna Historical Records, 9th Era, P.C.

  Yithandreal is a silvery metal of incredible resilience found in the ancient histories of the Duianna Empire, Elven Nation, and Dwarven Kingdoms. It is described as resembling highly polished silver but far stronger and lighter than any other steel alloy. A few pieces of yithandrial armor and weapons are owned by noble families and rich merchant houses around Niya-Yur.
  The only known yithandreal artifacts are in the form of shortswords, longswords, bracers, and chest breastplates. Yithandreal artifacts cannot be recycled or smelted into other forms. When metalsmiths have tried to melt it down they either cannot exceed its melting point or it flashes into a gaseous steam explosively leaving everything in ruins and coated with a useless layer of silver specks.
  Yithandreal is made by a race of sentient people called the Yhatnar . They have admitted it is difficult to create and that it is an alloy of other metals. But, they have never revealed the secret of its making. Since the Yhatnar are extinct any yithandrial artifact is considered priceless. Swords, knives made from yithandreal do not break or lose their edge. They are razor-sharp and can chip at stone and gems, but they do not have any magical cutting ability.
  Yithandreal weapons and armor are unaffected by magical attacks. There are records of yithandreal chainmail shirts and scale mail armor sets. If such armor is found it is kept secret and hidden. Many nobles have confiscated possible finds of yithandreal, real or fake.
  Any yithandrial artifact would be valued at a hundred times its weight in gold if small like a hunting knife and priceless if a function piece of armor.


Material Characteristics

A shinty mirror like metal

Physical & Chemical Properties

Cannot be damaged, bends under force equivalent to steel but always returns to true

Origin & Source

Created by the Yhatnar


Trade & Market

Black market or kings

Law & Regulation

It isn't illegal, but any authority might try to claim it "in the name of the crown" or "for the good of the people."
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extremely rare
polished silver which nothing sticks to
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
0.11 lb/in3
Common State
Forged final form

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