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behold, aworld teeming with plots and conspiraces...a world in which the land trembles when armies clash.   100 years have passed since the defeat of the combined might of the Kearlic and Taridian Empires of Ælderland during the Great War, and an era of peace has passed: cities have been rebuilt; trade is thriving; and the people revel in the days of prosperity. But dark tidings threaten to destroy these days of joy: whispers of armies gathering and ancient fortresses rebuilt, ; rumors of weapons forged and alliances made; and the sudden death of many of the surviving Magi whose heroic efforts helped end the War.   In these dark times, heroes will step forward, to victory...or doom. For if they fails, then the Empires of Ælderland will rise once more...and their vengeance will be swift in coming.     Gods save them all.     (Please don't judge me too harshly)