Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Once again I am mainly going to work on my world of Niorath but it is possible that if I get an idea for an article in another world that really fits the prompt I could write there as well. I hope that this year I can get as many new cool ideas for the areas I work on as I did last year!  

Creative Goal

  Last year I focused on the Nekorians and the Raitin during which the Raitin got a lot of attention and prompts. Now that I recently made The Risha article I am ready to begin exploring the area of the Mizarin region further from Nekorians. I also want to write more about the Pavan Empire as this is still a region that is mentioned quite often but not fully developed. Lastly I want to expand the lore of the Elven controlled regions and probably rewrite some of those.   Given all these things that I want to expand on I am now defining my main focus on the following three races and the regions they control.  
Human Savas Keleris by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


  My main focus for the humans will be expanding the lore of the Pavan Empire but it is also possible that I have very fitting prompts for other Human controlled regions. Other options would be rewriting countries or expanding lore for Human countries in Terios.  
Caster Form by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


  The Elves are a species that I also discussed a lot but did not end up writing a lot of direct lore for. I want to expand it a bit especially in matters of magic use and culture. For them the main focus would probably be Mervidel which I also intend to rewrite.  
by Kefkejaco with heroforge


  The Beastfolk are perhaps the species I have talked the least about besides of course the subsection of Nekorians. Now that I have a better overview of the region they inhabit it will be easier to expand the lore of this region.  

Pavan Empire


Elven Lands


Risha River

Risha River

Challenge Goal

  This year I am going to make it myself easier to not go for full diamond as I don't know if I will have enough time for that. I have therefore settled on a goal that I know I will reach: silver! But if I do have very cool ideas for more prompt I will write them nonetheless and who know maybe I still get more done than expected.  



  Given the regions that I have chosen to expand the earlier The Risha river region is a good region to expand as it is located in the largest rainforest of Niorath.   Other expanses in my planned regions would be the forests and plains around the Elven countries Mervidel and Kavonia or the drylands of Eprus. If it is fitting I could even expand a bit further and make an article about the Lower Realms.  


  Since not much has been written about leaders in for my chosen focus it want to make an article fit this theme. Good ideas would be the magical university leaders or the Divine Emperors.   Other leaders and organisations that I want to rethink are those of the Human and Elven countries so I will try to make some updates to them. I would especially like to work out the ruler system in Mervidel.  


  For discovery there are also many opportunities. One I would like to explore is the various magical or magitech innovations that have been introduced over the centuries by the Elves. In contrast to that I want to create articles about the industrial advances of the Humans.   But of course and additional intersesting subject would be the many still unexplored regions of the Risha jungle and the secrets awaiting there.


  I think creatures of the world of Niorath is something that I have not written enough about as of yet. It would be interesting to actually get to write about some of them. My main ideas would be to write about several alien or corrupted creatures that come forth from the Primal Chaos in Nervonia.   In addition to that it would be interesting to write in the Magical Earth world about Yokai and other mythological creatures from Japanese folklore.


by Kefkejaco with artbreeder
Silent Forest by Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, photo by me
by Knossos Palace
  This is some inspiration art I made with artbreeder. I think it gives a good idea of what in general Risha jungle would look like.
  This is an image for the Silent Forest which is filled with all kinds of horrific monsters. A good inspiration to come up with some nice monster ideas.  
  As I am working on redoing some Human countries it is good to add some inspiration for that as well. The humans in eastern Farlis are inspired by ancient Crete and how that would have evolved over time.  
View from upper city by Me
Textile Machines by Wikimedia Commons
  This picture that I took in Monemvasia is the inspiration for the Faldenze which I want to use a starting point to redo Varena.  
  The source of Magicfall is a gigantic crater always filled with clouds. This cloud sea gives some inspiration as to how it would look.  
  Since the Pavan Empire is the main leader in the industrial revolution this image is a good inspiration for how life would be there.  

Writing Time

  For summercamp I plan to write mostly during the weekends and also a bit during the week. If I am too busy during the week itself I will make sure to work a bit longer at it in the weekend.


  As usual I will be once again more active on discord during summercamp. I always had some lovely support there and I don't think it will be different this time. There are people that I will definetely try to read as much as possible from during camp.

Cover image: by World Anvil


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