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Summer Camp 2021 Pledge

Project and World

  I will be working in my current world, Niorath, for this Summer Camp. My main project for the SC month will be to flesh out areas that my upcoming campaign session will likely take place in.    

Focus Area

  In my campaign, the Heretic's Sword, the players have come to a point that they leave the original setting of Terios to travel to other areas of the world. Due to the multiple options my players will be able to take, I will try to use the prompts to expand my world building in specific areas related to the story. To narrow it down further I have chosen to talk about the Northern Oneraga region and the people who live there.    

Mizarin Jungle and Nekorians

The Mizarin Jungle is the home of many species such as the Nekorians, a catlike species, and the Mizarin Nightlights
Tera Online Wallpaper by Tera Online


The Raitin are a warmongering nations of Gnomes known for their airships and advanced magical armors.

North Oneraga Map


My Goal

  For this summercamp I am aiming to complete all of the 31 prompts! I managed to reach 50k during Worldember and I aim to succeed in this endeavour as well. And to put it in the wise words of some other Anvilite:  
Diamond or Die!
— Amélie

When to write

  Most of my writing will be done in the weekends but I will take some time to finish up previous prompts or create smaller ones during the week.  


  All the wonderful people who have already helped me in the past from the WA community on discord or twitch. I will be sure to help where I can as well and give some of your articles a read and a comment! (don't worry I won't read every entry this time!)  

Organising my worldbuilding


Updated Categories

I have done a small rework of my world codex by adding new categories. I also added some icons for the lower tier categories.
Category Content
Introduction All of the introduction articles are placed here such as the primers.
Encyclopedia Nioratha Contains all informations on the basic workings of the world from the cosmology to the creatures of the planet.
Society This section discussed everything related to the people of Niorath themselves such as their countries, culture and languages.
History Important historic events and era articles are placed here.
Campaigns The plots and additional info for all the campaigns are put in this section.
Characters The characters section is used for all the player characters and the people they encounter along the way.
Challenges Challenge overview articles and other articles related to challenges are placed here.

World Codex overview by Kefkejaco




Mizarin Inhabitants




Mizarin Jungle


Raitin Landscapes


Updated layout

  I recently started with reworking my layout a bit when I created a primer for my world. Now I have also created a test article to show the new layout and elements that I updated.  
Layout Test Article
Generic article | Jul 30, 2023

Article Release Plan

  My release plan to create articles during summer camp is as follows:  
  1. Create first draft of articles with the ideas
  2. Remove any spelling mistakes or strange sentences I can find
  3. Improve layout and add images
  4. Publish it
  5. Add the article to my Summer Camp Overview page
  6. Share it on the Discord
  7. Reshare the updated Overview page or interesting new articles at least once a weekon my WA account or twitter
  8. Share my most interesting one on one of the streams
Summer Camp Overview
Generic article | Jul 9, 2023

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Jun 13, 2021 22:02 by Pierrot

Very exciting! I really like how you've formatted this article; impressive indeed!

Jun 13, 2021 22:05

Thanks! :) I thought I would try to format the focus areas a bit differently ^^

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Ahhh! It's so pretty! :D Good luck this year! <3

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Jun 13, 2021 22:07

Thanks ! :D Good luck to you as well !

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Great quote! *smug smirk*

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This looks so pretty, good job!

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Jun 15, 2021 06:02 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

Such a pretty pledge. Good luck for Summer Camp!

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Jun 22, 2021 19:12

Thank you! :D Good luck to you too with getting your goals! ^^

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Jul 1, 2021 20:56 by Cassandra Sojourn

Amazing layout and CSS design! This is a great pledge document. I am especially interested in learning more the jungle, as well as the warfaring gnomes. I love to think about tinkering gnomes using their skills for advanced technologies focused on warfare.

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