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Looking for players


This month for one-shot April I will be looking for 4-5 players who want to try my adventure. If you want to play in a 5e DnD adventure for lvl 8 characters feel free to leave me a comment or message on discord!  

Hidden Angel

As the long parade marches through the city the crowds on both sides of the road cheer along, waving their flags in various fishlike forms. While looking at the crowd you and the rest of the group keep a watchful eye to ensure that no one can get anywhere near the imperial family.
  This adventure takes place during Union day, the largest festival in Terios. This year the event is the cause for even more celebration since the Pavan Empire and Terios are finalizing the agreed alliance. To seal the alliance the Pavan Emperor has send two of his sons, Endori'em and Niberi'es, to Golandon.   All of the PC's are elite members of the Archonic Order who were ordered to protect the imperial family during their travels. As the Archonic Order is a religious army they mostly use Clerics, Paladins and fighters but other classes have been taken into the order in the last century. Most races are allowed in the order but high elves or drow are extremely rare.   The group will accompany the imperial family through the celebrations and the large ball in the Terian royal palace.  

Extra Info

  I will first see how many people want to play this adventure and will start thinking about dates then. For now I don't have much planned in april. Once the group (or groups if there are many people who want to participate) is assembled I will discuss character creation via discord and give additional information about the world if wanted :)

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5 Apr, 2021 22:14

Great initiative! Count me interested :D

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5 Apr, 2021 22:18

Yes one player! now hopefully some more to join :p

Feel free to check out my plant article Mizarin Nightlight and my oneshot
6 Apr, 2021 01:03

I'm interested, in Canada, eastern timezone if it helps for planning

6 Apr, 2021 07:10

That helps indeed since we know it will need to be on a weekend day then :)

Feel free to check out my plant article Mizarin Nightlight and my oneshot