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Ethetinae truly are beautiful creatures. There shells are a perfect example how the combination of nature and magic can create truly amazing things. It is a shame that they are often killed for it.
— Yamaderis
  Falls Seekers or Ethetinae are an aquatic mollusk species which are mostly found in the ocean. They received their name due to their tendency to live near deposits of Sea Falls. This ability has led to many using the Ethetina in their own search for Falls.   Despite their larger size than the average mollusk they are also known for their exquisite shells. The patterns on these shells are quite beautiful and are displayed in many collector households. The Water Magic that imbues these shells makes them also a prized possession for mages.  

Extra Information

Scientific Name
exetina (Ethetina)
Falls Seeker or Ethetina
The vast majority are found in the oceans but some also can be found in lakes with known Sea Falls locations.
1m height, 1.3m length




  The most defining part of an Ethetinae is of course their beautiful shell. The lower part of the shell often has an azure blue colour and is filled with irregular gold patterns. Nobody exactly knows why the Ethetinae have these patterns or what puropose that they serve, but some theories suggest that they receive these from absorbing Water Magic. The top of the shell is slightly more protruding and has a white colour. When the Ethetina uses Water Magic this part of the shell is said to glow.   The front of the creature shows part of its exposed mollusk body. The lower tentacles are used to get food and bring it to the mouth. On the top of its head there are two antennae which it uses to sense magic around it.  


  For its regular food intake the Ethetina uses its tentacles to catch small fish or plankton. Sometimes it uses its Water Magic abilities to alter the current around it and move its pray towards its tentacles.   Besides its food needs, the Ethetina also has to renew its magical supply from time to time. It is for this reason that the Ethetina are so commonly found near Sea Falls. It uses its antennae to touch the crystals and absorb some of its magic. The amount they absorb is so small that the Sea Falls are never depleted by this action.

by Kefkejaco with midjourney

by Kefkejaco with midjourney


  The Ethetinae are believed to originate from the Water Realm in Nervonia during a time that most portals to the realms were still active.   Currently they can be found in almost all parts of the ocean and sometimes even in lakes or rivers if there are Sea Falls there. The number of Ethetina living in freshwater bodies, however, has deminished over time with currenlty only a few left in more remote regions.  


  Ethetina have two methods of reproduction. They are able to produce sexually by laying eggs which are then fertilized by a male Ethetina. However, they are also able to reproduce asexually as these creatures are hermaphrodites. In this case the lay already fertilized eggs. Research into Ethetina in captivity has led to the conlcusion that the sexual method is, however, the most common one.  




  Sadly the shells of these creatures has been used for various purpose and it has led to diminishing numbers outside of ocean habitats. At the start the shells were mainly used for decoration as they are quite beautiful when placed inside the interior of a fancy villa. Some have used part of the shells in jewellery or even clothing.   However, the hunt for them only really took off once it became clear that the shells have magical properties. When the shell is grinded turned into a paste, and then hardend it can be used to power magical devices or items. Although they are not so efficient as they are a useful replacement for the hard to get Sea Falls.   The one thing that hinders the hunt for Ethetinae to some degree is their abillity to defend themselves. Due to their ability to use Water Magic they are quite capable of taking on larger enemies. Trying to hunt an Ethetina is therefore a job best reserved for professionals.  

by kefkejaco with midjourney

Cover image: by Kefkejaco with midjourney


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