College Magister

Magic is not only an intellectual endeavour. If that were the case only our nation's brightest would succeed. It is a skill that can be trained and those who are really proficient can make it into a form of art.
— College Magister Asandir
  The College Magisters are the most important members in any magical college in Mervidel. They are also the only one that can be elected to be representatives on the Council of Colleges. It is therefore a position that is highly coveted but only true masters of magic are able to achieve it.  



Magical Colleges

  The college magisters perform a very important role in the magical colleges of Mervidel. In the first place they are often the teacher of the next generation of mages. To teach they of course need to have a superb knowledge of the arcane which often means that they are at least 200 years old before becoming a magister.   When not teaching they are involved in arcane research. Over the centuries many new spells or improvements have come the college magisters. As superb magic casters they are often also called upon during the construction of magical monuments or defences. During times of war some of them even join the army as commanders although most like to stay safely at the colleges.  
by Kefekjaco with Heroforge

by Rexard

Path to magister

  To become a college magister an Elf needs to have followed a long path of study, practice and hardship. Typically an High-Elven student starts this journey at the age of 75 when they are still somewhat young in Elven terms. This does not mean that they did not practice any magic before but it is almost never very extensive.   Students are trained first in various disciplines to get a broad view of magic but there is always a great focus on Fire magic in Mervidel. Typically all students end their trajectory with a good knowledge of Fire Magic but they choose one or two extra disciplines to be profecient at. If students wants to join Mervidel society with their new knowlegde their path ends here. But for those who want to become magisters it has only started.   First they try to become a Magikaria by getting a proficiency in all disciplines of magic. At this point they can take on some lesser government jobs aside from their studies. They maintain this position often for a bit less than a 100 year during which they improve their knowledge and skill. Once they are deemed ready by the other magisters they finally achieve the highest rank.  


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