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13 Primia, 400 AS

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Welcome to Nineveh.   Nineveh used to be a world of magic and monsters, of heroes and hope, of gods and greatness. The Schism broke the old world, leaving only the monsters.   Four hundred years ago, the Entity returned, fulfilling the prophecy that it would emerge from beyond the stars to reignite its crusade against life itself. It had made its way through adjoining planes, rupturing Heaven and Hell in its progress until it emerged, and when it did so its very appearance destroyed the moon and several continents. The ensuing catastrophe nearly ended all life on Nineveh.   With the help of a fledgling god, you came forth and used a doomsday weapon, the Oubliette, trapping the Entity within a prison beyond space and time. In order to complete the process and save the world, however, you made the ultimate sacrifice and threw yourself into the prison as well. Lost and forgotten to the world while 400 years passed in the blink of an eye for you, you became aware of the outside world again, reaching out to touch new minds and bodies to become your Avatars.  
The world needs heroes again. The world needs you. Reach out and touch it.

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