Noodle Snoodle

Noodle SnoodlesTM! Only the finest of noodles, harvested fresh from the famous semolina trees of Eden!
  A chain of fast-food stands specialising in instant noodle soup, Noodle Snoodle is a newcomer to the highly competitive street food market on Tertius.   Noodle Snoodles has gained a sort of notoriety for its agressive marketing efforts and the way the company has been shouldering its way into areas that were traditionally the domain of independent street food carts. The company boasts competitive prices for its signature Snoodles-in-a-Cup by using extremely cheap freeze-dried noodles and standardised artificial flavouring packets.  
Snoodles-in-a-CupTM! The delicious taste of fresh noodle soup on the go!
I'm certain that these noodles have never even seen flour.
Corporation, Food Industry

Cover image: by NASA/JPL-Caltech


Author's Notes

My own take on the concept of the "Noodle Snoodle" that has been floating around the World Anvil Discord server during World Ember.

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