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  One of the behemoths of the Saturnian economy, Konne & Mann maintains control over most areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution within the Nine Circles.   Unlike many companies that have a place on Saturnia's Board Of Executive Chairmen, Konne & Mann had a relatively humble beginning, being founded by Victor Konne and Dr. Sebastian Mann, two immigrants to the then newly constructed world of Primus.   Victor Konne was a cunning fraudster from Mars, who was fleeing to Saturnia in order to evade arrest. Dr. Sebastian Mann was a bright chemist and physician from Luna who had recently had his medical licence stripped from him due to malpractice. The two of them had a sense of ethics that can best be described as fictional, and they quickly realised that they could use their combined skills to muscle into the underdeveloped Saturnian pharmaceuticals market.   In the sparsely regulated early days of Saturnia, the fledgling company made a name for itself by offering relatively cheap medical drugs that were bulked out with inert substances and contained barely enough active ingredients to be considered effective. Konne & Mann's paracetamol pills barely even touched the pain that consumers felt, and their vitamin supplements wouldn't prevent scurvy in a lab mouse, but their products were so cheap to make they were able to generate a significant profit.   As the company grew, they relocated first their manufacturing facilities and then their corporate headquarters to the hydrocarbon rich moon of Titan, where they have been based ever since.  
"If Konne & Mann ever entered the metallurgy industry, their steel would have anemia."
  Despite the amount of money being raked in, Victor Konne wasn't content. He began to leverage all his expertise from being a professional fraudster, and slowly started pulling together a team of the most ethically challenged lawyers and attorneys he could find. Victor told his business partner Sebastian Mann that he was preparing against lawsuits over their exaggerated marketing efforts, but in reality Victor had other plans.   Saturnia had been founded in part by those wanting to escape the heavy regulation present in other parts of Sol. Many aspects of the Saturnian legal system were significantly underdeveloped, and Victor Konne's legal team knew exactly how to exploit it for profit. Thus began a long campaign of what was effectively legal trolling. They would litigate over even the weakest copyright and trademark similarities, and would manufacture patent violations even when none actually existed. With some undercover bribery of judges, juries, and expert witnesses, Konne & Mann were able to secure judgments and settlements against their competitors even on suits that were patently frivolous.   The legal team was eventually spun off into the subsidiary company Cassini Legal, and to this day remain among the most highly paid and ethically bankrupt legal firms in all of Saturnia. Their actions paved the way of much of modern Saturnia's Corporate Law, and Victor Mann and his most senior attorney were two of the founders of the Board Of Executive Chairmen.  
By purchasing this Product you agree to waiver your rights to any and all refunds of Products produced, sold, distributed, or sold by the Company or any of the Subsidiary Companies, binding under Corporate Law.
  Through their extreme profit margins, endless litigation, and shaping Corporate Law, Konne & Mann hold a near monopoly over the entire Saturnian drug and pharmaceutical market. They control countless subsidiaries and shell companies, and are quick to out-compete, buy out, or otherwise litigate competitors out of existence.   Their current CEO is Archibald Bishop, one of the wealthiest individuals in Saturnia.  
By purchasing this Product you agree that any and all proceeds from any and all settlements or court judgements concerning or relating to the Product against the Company or any of the Subsidiary Companies, will be ceded to the Company within seven (7) Standard Business Days, binding under Corporate Law.
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