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Basic Information


Similar to their wild cousins, waterpigs have a barrel shaped body, four stocky legs that end in webbed feet, and a head that's long and broad. They are significantly smaller however, with bulls only reaching 2,000lbs and sows 1,750lbs. Their feet are larger too, featuring longer toes and more prominent webbing. As such, they tend to spend even more time in the water than ferals.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual maturity is reached between 5-7 years old. Intercourse happens in the water, with the female submerged up to her nostrils. After a gestation period of seven months, the mother will attempt to secluded her for two weeks prior to the birth. Babies can weigh up to sixty-five pounds at birth and have an average length of three feet. The first three months of their life they will be inseparable from their mothers.

Growth Rate & Stages

Waterpigs will continue to grow until they reach the age of twenty five.

Ecology and Habitats

Stables are built along lakes and in marshes with plenty of forage. Sows and geldings are kept in one large common pen, while the bulls are kept separate from them and one another.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Waterpigs are used in the water the same way cattle is used on land. Fishermen will tie teams of two or three to their boats, drop their nets behind them, and go around the like they're tilling a field. Some people have been know to fish right off their backs. Hitched to barges, waterpigs can travel upstream at rate of ~15mph, depending on the current and how many pigs are involved.   And those barges might be filled to the brim with waterpigs headed for slaughter. The taste is similar to pork, leading to the phrase, "lacon." It's quite popular in the central regions, being the key ingredient in many comfort foods.   Their tusks are also used in many traditional weapons. The Inkazimulo Imperial Regalia features a pair of daggers fashioned from waterpig tusks.

Facial characteristics

Small eyes, ears, and nostrils, all perched atop a head shaped like a limestone block. Their mouth can open to reveal foot long canines tusks.

Average Intelligence

On par with an average dog or particularly smart cat.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While their eyesight and hearing leave much to be desired, their sense of smell is on par with dogs. They also have the ability to close their nostrils for the occasions they need to make an extended dive below the water.
Scientific Name
Hippopotamus amphibius kazimulosis
40-50 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
4.5- 5.5 ft. at the shoulder
Average Weight
Bulls: 2,000 lbs Sows: 1,700 lbs
Average Length
10 ft.
Average Physique
Fat. Slimmer than their wild cousins, but still hippopotami.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Varies from dark brown to off white, with every shade in between. A breeder in Brust has become famous for creating a pod of calicos.

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