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The Purple Rebellion {War} {English}

The people's battle to change for the better not only worsened it but also invite a much more oppressive force to be their rulers.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Purple Rebellion, or The Armitris Revolution as it is also called, was an uprising turned rebellion turned revolution by the organisation with the same name. Rebels rose up against the country of Leonerd for many various reasons, many due to the lacking financial situation since the loss of the The Lion-tree Pact's other neighbouring allies. The unorganised nature which the rebellion had made the governing powers less inclined to take the current unrest seriously. The rebels only organised itself in the last months before they marched towards the capital. This sparked theFall of Leonerd.

The Conflict


The Kingdom of Leonerd had fallen upon harsh times. Ever since the last vestige of The Lion-tree Pact had fallen, Leonerd had an increasingly harder time for trade relations due to it being surrounded by Orfordwhelm, a corrupted nobility and even more so the constant threat of Orfordwhelm itself. With the addition of The Great Quakes having had a lasting impact on the country overall, it was only by nature that the kingdom was shaken and its inhabitants unrestful.
When it came to light that the nobility in the region of Aquirland had taken hefty amounts of false taxes on things that were not officially state-sanctioned, the capital of the region Gaurein had an outbreak of unrest. The nobility and leaders of the town tried to contain it on their own only for their knights and their families to join in the unrests as well. As it continued, the unrest began to spread when rumours of a large Leoner army was heading its way towards the town to destroy it and massacre many in the region.
In truth, the king of Leonerd, Xervian VIII, had not sent any large army, but dignitaries that were going to enforce the king's words on the nobility. These dignitaries had in turn been ambushed by banditry and captured for ransom. The rescue army, only circa 500 men, was sent to find the bandits, not suppress the uprising. The peasantry did not see it that way and faced the army, 500 knights and infantry against 1 500 peasants and other locals. As it would turn out, the peasants did not stand much of a chance against trained soldiers but forced them back.
The king received the news of what had happened and saw little more option than to try and suppress the now growing rebellion as the region began to boil with anger... It did not help the situation and with the appearance of Renier Vidal in 1988, The Purple Rebellion had begun.


Renier Vidal was a former soldier and at the start of the unrests a hunter in a village close to Gaurein. Vidal did only appear late in the rebellion as a leader figure due to the loss of his son against the Leoner army. His anger on the already bad situation for the region combined with the sorrow of loss, he rose quickly to action and gained a following. His grief and words became the principal parts of the rebellion, his words "Bleed the stones!" became the risen words of rebels across all of Leonerd.
As the rebellion gathered people and more and more soldiers were thrown at them by the king, they seemed unstoppable by the sheer force of will. Even more so was their skills in ambushing the armies on their way to the affected regions. King Xervian saw no other option than to pull back to defend the capital as words reached him from an Orfordian dignitary that Orfordwhelm "officially" declared war on them. The already dark days were turning darker it seemed. The Kingdom of Ravero was already on its way to aid in the unrest, but they would never make it in time.


The rebellion itself was a success in establishing a new rule over the former kingdom. The Republic of Leonidan was among the first countries that held elections, in theory, for their representatives of rulers and governors. This, however, did not happen. Due to the rebellion and unrest awoken by it, Orfordwhelm saw an opportunity to end the Kingdom of Leonerd and any state, if any, that would come after it. With a large army that had defeated the remnants of the Leoner army at the doorsteps of the capital, the desperate and unorganised defence of the capital and young new country fell apart and Orfordwhelm had taken the Bastion of the South.
The King of Leonerd Xervian VIII had successfully escaped the rebellion and Orfordwhelm in time before the capital fell due to the brave actions of loyal nobles, knights and the army. Even with an attempt to resist was made by Xervian with the army he had with him, it too failed and he and what remained escaped for the border. With the aid of Ravero, who had come to aid them against their enemies, they punched out of Orfordwhelm through the old country of Willrowia so that the royal family of Leonerd could escape and live on.

Historical Significance


The Purple Rebellion left a deep scar in the minds of Leoners that more or less saw it as the kingdoms incapable nobility let the downfall happen. At the same time, it became a truth that they all had a part in the fall of Leonerd in some way. The rebellion exposed them to their emotions and the problems that the kingdom had faced for so many years following the defeats against Orfordwhelm and The Great Quakes.
King Xervian VIII and his family escaped from the fall of Leonerd creating a dislike feeling towards the former royal family. At the same time, they now represent, together with Ravero, the resistance against Orfordwhelm and their actions against the Leoner people and so many others.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Devistating defeat for the Kingdom of Leonerd and the establishment of the Republic of Leonidan/The Fall of Leonerd


Kingdom of Leonerd
The Rebels of Gaurein/The Armitris Revolution


15 000 infantry with swords, shields and bows
5 000 cavalry
  • 400 Heavy cavalry consisting of nobility and household knights
  • 2 000 Medium Shock cavalry
  • 2 100 Light Cavalry
1 500 citizens and peasants from the town Gaurein
40 000 rebel infantry
4 000 well-trained hunters
40 turncoat knights


10 000 infantry
3 200 cavalry (Including most of the loyal Leoner nobility)
Everyone in the end was killed by Orfordwhelm's invasion


First stage: Prevent the uprising from growing
Second Stage: Prevent the rebellion from becoming a threat to the capital
Third Stage: Defend the capital
First stage: Protest and resist against the current situation
Second stage: Open rebellion against governing powers

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I really like how you created the objectives for this article, showing how they began to take the uprising more seriously. It’s sad but a fact of life that when a powerful organization is disposed another powerful one will fill the vacuum before those newly in power can organize well.

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Yes, the truth is that the revolution was doomed from the start as it would seem. Orfordwhelm would have sooner or later take over if not anything spectacular close to the events would have happened. The change in objectives is a good show of it, how the pressure of rebellion and invasion forced back the governing powers. It is a reality as we also see in the world, history or not.   Now from that dark moment, thanks for reading!

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