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The Elders Mormir {English}

There are many who have felt the oppressed hands of authority pressing down upon them. The Eight Pantheons allow and tolerate the worship of different Gods than the main eight Gods to some extent. But few know of the Mornmirs, or the Elders Mormir and the trials and challenges they have faced.
Well, only heard rumours of them? That they are perhaps worshipping a false image of a God and befoul Him?
But who can say that one side of a river is fairer than the other if not the owner claims both sides?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Cult of Orios extend its influence over Nimenra in the name of their God Orios. While it typically don't extend much further then Orfordwhelm and into the Kingdom of Telaron, they still are the main pantheon dedicated to Orios in the The Eight Pantheons. They have, however, their share of dark actions that they have done over the centuries. One most notably is the persecution and torment on Followers of Mornmir, as they once called themselves. Now The Elders Mormir are few, expunged from the many countries of Telamirein  and live in secret or hiding where the Cult of Orios can't get to them, like in Glarn and other locations in Marlun. However, they are few in numbers and probably can't stand against a large following as Orios have. If they are ever to be recognized, they have to gain some sort of sign that their God have effected Nimenra in some way. 


The Elders Mormir is quite unknown even among the most well-studied scholars. It is known that Elders Mormir were struck down a long time ago, maybe as far back as before the Time of Jorvik. Due to this, the history is clouded by a one-sided depiction of what led to this from the Cult of Orios. Even I who keep my ears and eyes open as I want to record them, have a hard time finding and approaching them.
Approaching the subject at all is a dangerous business. The Arch-Ofarin still has his devoted followers alert him and the priesthood like a zealous court ready to enact execution. That is why they hide their history too.

Following Mormir

From what little there is to gather about the history from hearsay, Elders Mormir once had a large following dedicated to the God Morgonmir. Morgonmir is said to be the true version of Orios, God of Death, Warriors and Cold, with the alteration of being a young man, youthful and an epic to men. This is why conflict probably arose once upon a time, differing views on who was right and who was wrong.
Morgonmir's followers, however, lost and scattered when the Cult began to eradicate His worship. They succeed in what way was possible at the time but followers did survive and allowed themselves to disappear. Their activities began to be held in secret and whatever texts they produce about their God, visions or rituals they do remains secret.
To hide themselves even further, the "Followers of Mornmir" adopted a new name and approach, or so I suspect. Elders Mormir became a sect, a "false" one that has never been able to disappear from the shadows. While few ever heard of them today and only faint traces exist in places like Orfordwhelm and even in Ravero, their true hiding place might be farther afield. Marlun is, after all, a place where no country can exercise their full power even during war...

by A of Worldkeymaster

In Orfordwhelm it is forbidden to worship or even mention the name Morgonmir or Mormir by commoners and nobles alike.
Religious, Sect

The dangers of rejecting a God?

While Orios and Morgonmir could be the same name for the same God, some now dead scholars and theologians did research into the subject. Morgonmir could be a separate God and the intended God behind the Cult of Orios and Orios might be a minor deity. This... quite revolting and curious thought does come with another consideration; what if the Elders Mormir are right and in truth, the Cult of Orios rejected the real divinity behind the Cult? It is a... haunting thought for me. From what I do understand of Morgonmir, He does not forget and takes such slights easily.
Whatever is believed by others are sometimes hard to understand. What could come to that they reject a name? What lies could they possibly have heard? I would say that they were simply lured by their own hubris to understand, mistake an identity for the struggle of the ones with power.   Rejection of a God can be... severe...
— MM

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