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Ravele Clippre {English} (/'ra:vel/ /kli:ppr/)

Spending life here in Ferwyn is much better than back home. I can do what I love here, whoever I love here should I say...
Some give up their life to pursue other ventures in life but close to none can do that. Salendites are most of the time a close-knitted community of individuals who usually stay with their family for a long time after reaching adulthood at the age of fourteen. Ravele Clippre did not. Instead, he went out on an adventure across the regions and lands of Nekuram, searching for work in many different areas until he found his way into romancing lost lovers and a bit of guard duty and adventuring on the side. This life was most fitting for Ravele, who found that he had his ways with many women with his charms and spinning their otherwise boring life. Eventually, Ravele went to settle down in Ferwyn where he still puts his charms to work...

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ravele Clippre was born in the watery eastern Nekur region of Aneglnagai. Already in his teens, Ravele was charming his elders and peers with his ways and his natural charisma, which might stem from his father's merchant background. Whatever was the case he gained a lot of friends and knowledge as he tried on as many jobs as possible.
By his fourteenth birthday, however, he seemed bored and went out from his home town to explore Nekuram. During this time he took part in various activities and experienced professions across the lands, from stonemason, logger, fisherman and even cooper and small scale artisan in various crafts. By his 25:th birthday, he had gone across most of western and southern Nekuram. He had also left a number of broken hearts in his wake as he used his charisma on the adventure. His flare for such adventures with the body and heart, however, had only started it seemed.
In his later years, he continued in and around the region of Dark Dumberyll in search of the next stage of life. Since he had not been able to settle down for anything he had many varying experiences. This created the idea of starting a school of sorts... which ended quite quickly as he got the attention of many admiring girls and women. Quite quickly he was chased by boyfriends, fathers, uncles and brothers due to the natural charm he had on everyone he met.
This was by the time he found his way into Ferwyn, the town of pleasures. It was the perfect place for him, a town where he could roam the streets and no one seemed to mind him and his charm. He could also use his charms now with others who needed company for a night or two, something he had done only lightly in the past (according to himself at least). As he stays in the town, it grew on him and he has made the decision to stay in town. For how long only time will tell...
Current Location
Year of Birth
2510 V.D. 33 Years old
Light red
Long, streaking black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mix of yellow and dim blue scales across a lightly tanned skin

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Aug 1, 2021 00:49 by Cassandra Sojourn

So I imagine the salendites looking somewhat like salamanders, though they have no scales. Ravele seems like a go wherever things are easiest-skip out on any trouble-fun kind of character, which I find highly entertaining.

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Aug 19, 2021 15:05 by A

It is hard to explain for me (me the hands that write and explain and my image in the brain does not always connect well). I will have to explain a Salendite more closely in an article or the Primer I am working on. What I can say in a comment is that they have scales like a lizard/salamander but not all over the body. The head remains close to a human but with lizard features. That is the short of it.   And you are absolutely correct about his character. And I like it too very much!

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