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Dragons... A forgotten memory over all of Nimenra. I believe that they did once exist among us. Terrifying beasts that struck down entire villages and left ashen destruction behind. They are, however, but a myth now. They left little behind unlike other creatures of old. Perhaps I am too full of fantasy and legend to believe something so widespread and not have some truth to it.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A mythical creature of old said to have existed in many locations over Nimenra. Dragons were feared by everyone that was not the Gods. They were flying beasts with leathery wings that were able to exhale large clouds of fire with the destructive force of hundreds of mages and magic users. They were not invulnerable, however, and the tales of the beasts being slain are also common household myths in some way relating to the time of Jorvik or beyond.  

Anatomy and perception

According to legends, dragons are quadrupedal, standing on four legs, with a large body that has leathery wings attached to the back and a long, muscular tail. All over their body are scales that are hard and rough, capable of withstanding blunt and sharp forces. Few descriptions deviate from this, with some addressing smaller and larger varieties existing, some having spiked tails and some having horns. On the end of each foot are claws and each foot is able to grapple things and creatures with the front feet able to grapple similar to Human or Necur hands.
Dragons have great perception ability. Their eyes can spot from high in the sky cows, goats and smaller beings. The glare of the eyes is able to scare even the steadiest warriors. Dragons are also very adept at hearing, making it hard to sneak up on them as they are the most vulnerable when sleeping, or so it is told. According to a few legends from Nekuram dragons have magical perception as well, sensing magic and using it to hunt the most dangerous foes.


The most common and prominent ability dragons show is the ability to exhale fire. Many fall to this known threat as there is little protection beyond magic against dragon fire (and as noted, fire overall). While unknown and few legends say so, the fire is said to be able to melt iron.
Their size would make a man think that they are clumsy fliers but as legends tell, their ability to fly is only matched by eagles and Gryphons. They soar across the sky with a speed that few without magical aid are able to match and even then they are most likely out-matched in diving speed when they have found a target.
Their intellect, however, varies a lot in the legends. Many are presented as beasts with impressive intellect that are able to hide and set up ambushes in the most unlikely places with the aid of other, rare abilities. They appear to be able to reason as well, knowing when they are outmatched and should run or fight in situations. Far rarer are the instances where dragons are able to speak and these legends come from Nekuram exclusively, except for one from the The Dwarven Kingdom.
I would fear not only for my life against such a creature. Fire breathe? Scales that are resistant to damage? Speech? These beasts, no, these beings of power were a test for any hero and for the many legends I have heard Necur has told me... I believe they might have been real, and are still out there...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Geographic Distribution
Across all of Nimenra
Alternative Name(s)
Raignon (Nekurith)
Dietary needs
Average lifespan
Average height
2-5 meters?
Average length
3-10 meters?
Prominant and common traits
Leathery Wings
Rustling, hard scales
Terror infusing roars
Fire exhalation

Legends and myth

Dragons are, whatever a scholar might say, a legend according to most people. The fear and thought of a creature like a dragon existing in the sky above is too much for anyone to believe in. Since there is a lack of evidence for their reality or explanation to them, the sight of "dragons" are explained away by other creatures like the Arroggaden. However, who knows what hides in caves and old ruins that have been left for so long that none knows what can be inside?

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The Dragons of Nimenra
Myth | Dec 25, 2021

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