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Dragonphoenix Tear Amulet

The beautiful fire of an inferno seems captured within as the pendant glows, waiting to be unleashed.
  An item of sorrow and mythic powers, a Dragonphoenix Tear Amulet is just what it sounds like, a tear from a Dragonphoenix. The tear and centrepiece of the amulet was one of the most sought after from hunts of the great beast. The amulet/pendant is said to have magical amplifying properties for those who were it. But according to some, the tear itself is a danger for both the wearer and those around them, like a disaster waiting to happen.


The tear was a sign of a great feat but to give it away was a show of even greater affection. As only the hunters that successfully slew or captured a Dragonphoenix could ever gain one, those who did was seen as the strongest and most skilled. They gained recognition and status in courts and amongst their own society.
The pendant itself was a status symbol due to the fact that the costs for assembling one was significant and only a few knew how to do that. Mainly the royal family had them in their jewellery for apple. However, there are tales that the pendant and tear could be used as a dangerous weapon of magic and that is why some have disappeared...
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
The tear was once rare among the nobility and was shown as a prestigious symbol in many ways. A pendant was the most common way to show it off and few remain in old noble families. However as the Dragonphoenixs was hunted and the tears lost in conflicts or other ways over time, the pendants and new tears have become a reclusive find. Today, only one is found in the former Demon King's family.
0,05 kg
Raw materials & Components
Many of the pendants are made with a metal chain, usually out of gold, silver or Solrian. The case for the Dragonphoenix tear has to be made out of Solrian, since the metal has stronger properties with sealing power, magic and other elements.

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Cover image: Marlun Expanse Header by A of Worldkeymaster (Artbreeder)


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