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The Geochronological Chart of Nijin-Konai


A commonly distributed chronological chart in High schools, this learning aid, while not being too detailed, does its job well teaching students the concept of deep time and of the Megafauna cycles during classess in Geology and Biology.

Document Structure


The document is divided into two main sections being the chart itself and the descriptive in a second page (not found on this guide).   The Chart follows a snake line horizontally, twisting at the edges to continue further down; the various Eras are coloured following the international standard for stratigraphical data, thus avoiding confusion with most other readily available charts on the market.   On the right of the chart are linked further resources for students to browse as well as some further information.   The second page is more descriptive, containing most information such as more specific numerical ages and descriptions of the epochs under each period shown in the first page.


In the document a series of other publications are cited, most of them for further, more in depth, reading on the subject.   Among the many studies appear also several commissions and other international organs and their respective sites.

Publication Status

Publically available worldwide, the document is found printed in most schools as posters in classrooms and is distributed to individual students both printed and in digital form.

Historical Details


First conceived as a way to simplify the teaching og Geology to middle to high school students, the chart's first version was published in 2415, and since then it received regular publications and revisions every 7 years, updating it to cover new discoveries in the field and international standards as well.

Public Reaction

While at first it wasn't publically accessible worldwide, due to the civil war, the chart outcompeted other models and slowly became the dominant version.   Nowadays most other charts specialize in smaller time ranges.
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8 Jul, 2020 15:06

Really great idea for this prompt! I love how the actual document looks!

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