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Historical Records of Uintalgon

Introduction(p. 5)

 I, Alastair, senior scribe of King Aethlrem's new Library, do take pen to vellum to record herein the history of Uintalgon, our home. For to have a history of our origins is to know who we are, and to know who we are is to be empowered to create a future for ourselves to be proud of, and to leave that identity to our children, and to their children, those of us who will have children. These stories contained herein I have verified tirelessly against the articles in the grand King's collection, with especial beloved attention to the Right to Rule, to the successions of kings and queens, to the spirit and power that embodies governance of our beautiful Uintalgon.  

The First King(p. 10) have control of their magic. And so, the divine Right to Rule began in the arena of combat. It was determined that the magic of the tieflings might be made most manifest and be allowed the most range by pressure of the sword. And so it was that the first successor of the tieflings as they rose from the earth in the first years AR bested his competitor in combat, that of the great King Firends, and gained the respect and admiration of his betailed followers. He began by establishing the healthiest point of civilization along the river where fish were abundant and game plentiful, and thus for his reign his People did build a mighty city and culture under the newly sun-blessed skies. Exact dates and details have been lost to the sands of time and memory, as the tieflings then did have no written language.
Many kings succeeded Firends, though none have as powerful a story as the great first king himself. Near the end of his reign, he walked among the volcanic cliffs rising above the citadel and chanced upon an old hermit tiefling, his eyes blazing. At once the great King knew this man was the Leader, the All-Father, who had led tiefling kind from the depths of the earth and brought them forth to the surface. The All-Father spoke not a word at first, merely pointed to Firends. Then, he spoke these words:"bear well this Right, for if thou deign to baseness, that Right shall imprint upon another, and another, and again beneath the sword will the Right come forth once more." The hermit then faded into the rocks to the east and the old King was nearly certain it had been but a dream, but those words rang on in his mind and were the last from his lips before death stole his breath forever.   

Birthmarks(p. 93)

The Right may pass to any born of female, tiefling or human or else. These Touched are viewed by the Land as potential Leaders among the people, blessed from the womb by the Spirit of the World. In our King Aethlrem's time, our first human to rule, the Academy opens its arms wide to the Touched to learn of philosophy, sciences, literature, magic, and ethics to prepare them in the case of a King's departure to ascend to the throne in goodness and glory. The Mark appears at birth upon the upper arm, of a shape not to be forgotten nor mistaken. The Touched child brings great honor to their family, resulting in feasts and ceremonies, and upon coming of age, the child may approach the Academy and perform the Ritual of Opening.  

Traditional Practices(p. 133)

To ensure a fair rule, at each equinox as the classes equalize, another Touched may challenge the King or Queen to subject themselves to the Rule of Combat in order to determine who is most worthy for the throne. Thus, the self-indulgent and self-important may be exposed through the danger of the sword. One who truly is fit to Rule would not bow beneath the sword but would conquer. True greatness knows itself and wants to wear itself in service to others.

305 AR
Author: Arche-scribe Alastair Delemmark
The first historian who traveled with the Southern Scouts to what is now known as the Uintalgon Kingdom. After introducing themselves to the natives of this south-western land he began learning more about the culture and practices of the locals.  

The Southern Scouts send word to their people that the Tieflings were of good natured people and are welcomed to bring culture and practices together. Alastair began his mission to teach the Tieflings of their human upbringing and the art of historical writings. He established the first library that was also a place of wirship for the denizens of this new kingdom called Uintalgon.  

Alastair hoped in writing this book he can accomplish his mission to educate and pass on the humble history of both the Tieflings and the Human kind with honest beginnings and a shared goal to prepare for the Aliki Rulers who will one day returned as read in the stars.
Mage's Library  

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