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Additional Books from the Mage Tower

Blades of Legends

Made out of leather and metal, this book has an angelic symbol with weapons as wings on the front cover. To the touch a title appears clear on the front cover of the book. The pages are solid shut as if glue holds it together and may tear if forcefully opened. With the lightest touch the book will open the front inside cover. Inside is a library pocket with a card in inside.

The End Of The Universe & Other Bothers

A poorly handmade book made out of dragon skin leather has a drawn picture of a man with a goat head inside the front cover. He is smoking a pipe and when you look at the drawing it tips his pipe with a welcome gesture. The contents inside has several names written in different handwriting. Some crossed out, others looked to be 'exploded', and there are some once looked upon you get a shimmer of memory as if looking through a cracked wall and seeing something on the other side. Finally, there are names that just sit there without anything special to them. 

7 Habits To Awake The God Within, Today

Written by D.B. The book looks like a notebook. It isn't well made, and it has a box on the front where the author's name is placed surrounded by black and white design. The pages feel flimsy and cheap. Inside the book is blank except for the table of contents which are found at the front inside cover, which reads:
  1. You are weak, lowly, pathetic, and especially weak and it's okay.
  2. Eternal growth is a conscious choice
  3. he universe doesn't care about you until you give it a reason to care
  4. If you aren't adding something you're only taking stuff away
  5. You can support a group or go solo but if you go solo bragging gets boring
  6. Stretch your life out sometimes. It gets too tight.
  7. Float your own boat

Bestiary Of The Wilderland

... The books feels hungry.

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