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Spirts are the general catch-all term used for ghosts - a being who has died and for whatever reason cannot pass into the afterlife.   Usually, for a ghost to pass on, their physical body would simply need to be given some form of 'final rest'. This differs from spirit to spirit, but for most it means for their body to be buried or cremated. Others, in the cases of victims of violent crimes where there is no trace of the body, need some form of symbolic rest, such as a memorial to be erected. Only then will they be considered at peace.   During this time before they are given final rest, spirits tend to linger around their loved ones, where they can provide a form of comfort in such a dark time.   Sadly though, even when a spirit is given their final rest, they may not be permitted to pass on. This may be linked to any sort of unfinished business that may need fulfilling, or they are simply not yet ready to move into the afterlife.   This is different however for non-human animal spirits. They are able to pass on with ease, though some stick around through choice. This is especially true of domestic animals, who will often choose the stay by the side of their favourite human(s), using sensory powers to comfort them in times of need.


As a default, all spirits can have some minor manipulation of physical objects around them, such as pushing a cup off a table or rustling a curtain. Poltergeists have the most power in this field, able to lift and launch objects at will, especially when upset.   Other spirits may be able to have an influence on temperature, or project certain smells or sounds. This usually depends on the manner in which they died, though at times it feels totally random. Possession is another capability, though is generally frowned upon without consent.

Basic Information


Spirits look like average humans of varying shapes and sizes. The main difference is between the three main types of spirit - Wandering, Lost or Damned.
  • Wandering have a slightly washed out looking appearance, but otherwise appear as they would have when they were alive.
  • Lost are tinged in shades of blue.
  • Damned are completely greyscale.
  The above does not apply to animal spirits, who all take on a similar appearance to Wandering spirits, with the slightly washed out look of how they were in life.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Spirits have no need to eat. However, some more vengeful spirits can absorb parts of the soul from living beings to make themselves more powerful.
Scientific Name
Amissa anima
Technically immortal - already dead
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