Home to the throne of the human royals


The city's inhabitants are composed mostly of human citizens. Though the city was originally exclusively made for humans, many other species can now be found within its walls. Those who live within the city itself tend to be human. Within the wealthy sector, again, humans. Although, within the slums of the settlement, right outside the city walls, there can be found; halflings, half elves, gnomes, and humans alike. Slowly but surely, more and more species are travelling to the city of Thraldur in search of somewhere to live, and to expand their business ventures.


The city, as well as the rest of the Kingdom, is ruled by the King and Queen of the Human Kingdom of Sordun. Several nobles share responsibility of government functions. Each district has a noble overseeing it, all city administration is overseen by the Lord Mayor. A council made up of members elected by citizens of the city


The walls of the city itself are constructed from stone and measure some 50ft. tall and 15ft wide. Guard towers line the walls. The walls into the castle itself are 60ft. tall and 20ft. wide.
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