The Thunderfucks


The Thunderfucks do not have a formal hierarchy, from the very start they always shared responsibility and made their decisions according to the majority of the party. Although, whenever they got a new member they would be referred to as 'Intern' until the party decided that they had proven themselves. If there was a task the rest of the party would rather not do, it was given to the intern.


The party is known to carry many magic items, but not much is known of their exact wealth in currency.


You can find written accounts of the parties exploits within this timeline History of The Thunderfucks.

It wasn't us. And if it was, you deserved it.

Founding Date
Aengus the 8th day of 10th month, 242 AR
Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
The Fucks

The Thunderfucks have been officially exiled from the Archduchy of Lieldor.

Character flag image: The Thunderfucks


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