The Temple


The Temple itself is guided by a High Priest or High Priestess of the current deity the Temple is devoted to. This person is handpicked by the Divine themselves, in some cases, they may not even be a current member of the clergy and therefore someone must go on a holy quest in order to seek them out. In terms of the rest of the devotees, the process is far more mundane, but there is still a process that must be followed;    
The Pilgrimage
In order to become a priest of the Temple, you must first strip yourself of your worldly possessions, taking only the bare necessities, and make pilgrimage to the Temple of Divinities, originally established by those who fled from Thamar's Purge during the Arcane Deprivation. Venturing to the Temple is an example of dedication to your faith, and the arduous journey is said to be cleansing for the soul, preparing you to be shaped anew.  
Ceremony of Dedication

Granted Divine Powers

Throughout its existence, High Priests of the Temple have been known to possess powers granted to them by the Divine in order for them to fulfil their role as the current leader. The nature of the abilities granted depends on that of the current God or Goddess that the Temple is devoted to. For example, the current Goddess is Eirene, Goddess of Peace. The High Priestess has hence been granted powers of healing and an unnatural flair for persuasion.

Cooperation, Adaptation, Liberation

Previous names
The Temple of Love, The Temple of Knowledge
Devoted Deity
Founding Date
30 AD
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
The Temple of Peace
Controlled Territories

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