The Godslayer

It is said, hidden somewhere on this island there is a sword that has the capability of slaying even the gods themselves. Forged by a mere human paladin.
— Duke Jantle Beaugarde of Eldor

Many young paladins set out into the world seeking immortal glory, many set out to dedicate their lives in honour of their gods, and many set out to almost rival their gods...but very few manage to accomplish all three. This is one of those exceptions. There once was a paladin devoted to Hephaestus, god of fire and forge. The paladin had great respect for Hephaestus, and lofty ambitions...he decided he would set out to forge a weapon capable of slaying a god. He believed his quest would honour Hephaestus, rival the gods, and paint him in glory, and it a sense.   The creator of this weapon bestowed the name 'Godslayer', but the rest of the world came to know it as another name. Though the weapon is seen as a blessing and a great tool of defence against foe big and small, there are those who see this weapon as an abomination and an insult. To even ponder killing a god can be seen as blasphemous. So, the people gave it the name 'Sicario', meaning 'Assassin'.   Few have made vain attempts to retrieve the sword for their own benefit. Though shortly after its creation, the sword seemingly vanished from existence. Many suspect whoever is in possession of it now, has used some form of aura manipulation to mask the sword from being detected through divination.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Due to both its symbolic and skillful construction, Sicario is both beautiful, and formidable. Sicario has been imbued with divine power, allowing the wielder to cast powerful spells. This divinity is what gives the blade the ability to slay gods, and even to erase the mortal soul of whomsoever it may slay from existence.  

Manufacturing process

This magnificent blade was forged in flame retrieved from the treacherous blaze of the elemental plane of fire. Rumour has it, the weapon is imbued with the souls of three mighty beings. A hydra, a ki-rin, and the essence from the avatar of an ancient goddess. Although, to even consider an attempt to forge such a refined, majestic weapon you must first consider two things. 
  • In order to contain such potent essences, you must craft a strong enough vessel, using similar enchantment magic to that of a ring of mind shielding.
  • To even attempt to forge such a weapon, you will also need a master blacksmith.


The simple fact that a weapon such as this even exists, speaks for the capabilities of mortal kind. This sword can ensure that if there are any deities or powerful beings looking to meddle in the lives of those on the material plane, they will certainly think again. Also serving as a discouraging defence for those considering waging an unjust war, or those looking to invade Rocknest.  
Also known as
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Though there may be other powerful swords, there is only one known Sicario in existence.
4 lb.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Its jet-black blade made from adamantine, the strongest of alloys. The grip, however, is simply made from the branch of a willow tree said to have been taken from the tip of the northern mountains. Why someone would go through all that effort for a willow branch, no one knows...


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