The Fireworks of Eldor

This act of rebellion is still controversial to this day, though it did spark the Arcane Rebellion and bring great victory, so did it spark the beginning of the second purge.
— An excerpt from a recording of the Arcane Rebellion

The Conflict


It had been the same as every other year, the tyranny of Thamar reigned through the Human Kingdom of Sordun, ruling with an iron fist. As the year 140 SI had begun to come to an end, there were still political affairs that needed to be seen to, such as the Lordship of Jantle Beaugarde and an official visit from His Majesty King Thamar himself to the new village of Eldor, which was to be overseen by Lord Jantle Beaugarde. Though the Resistance had other ideas in mind for His Majesty's visit, and so, unbeknownst to Jantle, his friends began their preparations.     The following record of events has been passed down by word of mouth and is mostly speculation, we cannot say for certain what the exact steps leading up to this coup were.   They gathered some fertilizer from a farm not too far from the town of Beldor in order to aid in fire spread. Next, it is believed they obtained experimental alcoholic spirits from the Kenku village of Illrund, along with other materials which are not public knowledge. They had then likely found a safehouse somewhere in Beldor to mix their ingredients and create, for all intensive purposes, an enhanced version of Alchemist's Fire. Once they had prepared their explosive they set out to the village of Eldor and hid barrels upon barrels underneath the meeting hall where the ceremony would be conducted.

The Engagement

The barrels had been hid, everything was ready. One by one the nobles began to arrive in Eldor, gathering in the newly constructed Lords Manor as they awaited the King's arrival. Earlier on in the day, a perimeter had been established around the meeting hall in order to keep civilians at a distance so the nobles could enter the building safely. Once His Majesty arrived, the nobles flooded into the meeting hall, accompanied by Jantle. The Resistance members then lit the fuse, shortly thereafter the building erupted in a blazing inferno, emanating intense heat and scorching some of the nearby buildings. Chaos ensued, the Elite Guard ordered the village to be barricaded as civilians desperately tried to flee the scene. A day or two later, a group of possible Resistance members did in fact successfully free casters that had been detained in the village, further inciting the purge of casters once more.  
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
11 month of the year 140 SI
Conflict Result
The Human King was slain, resulting in the remaining royals sending out forces to purge the towns of possible Resistance members, setting off the Arcane Rebellion


The Nobles of Sordun
The Resistance


A task-force of elite royal guards, along with a squadron of guards for each noble attending.


Indeterminate; but each noble that had attended the event that day died in the fire, along with King Taliesin Thamar.


Literally were just there for a Lordship ceremony...
Indeterminate; It is believed their objective was to kill the King.


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