The Arcane Rebellion

The Conflict


Troops from the Wood-Elf Kingdom of Llwyrnau were positioned along the river that divides the eastern and western territories of the Isle of Corin, ready to defend any attackers that may march on them, reinforced by troops from the High-Elf Kingdom of Tiirynur. The Human Kingdom of Sordun sent their troops on the offensive, believing they had the upper-hand against the elves as they were fewer in number. The army of the rebellion consisting of mages from the Mages Academy and divine casters from the Temple from the southern region of the island marched up through Tolfen, taking the humans by surprise.


The rebellion itself consisted of two battles. One battle fought in the landscape between Gwelendwyr and Thraldur, the concluding battle was a siege on Thraldur.


Since the fall of King Taliesin Thamar, the inhabitants of Thraldur have been restless, constantly looking for answers as to what will happen next. Refugees, both human and halfling, gather outside the walls of the capital, seeking refuge and compensation. Within the council chamber of the palace, those who participated in the war gather in discussion, disputing as to who should be the next ruler of Human Kingdom of Sordun, under the counsel of a new royal council.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
140 SI
Ending Date
140 SI
Conflict Result
The Human Royals suffered a devastating defeat, resulting in the fall of the Thamar monarchy


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