Sentinel Construct

Guardians of magic

There are many forms of magical constructs throughout the realm, one of these is the Sentinel. Little is known of this unique race, only one is known to exist. Rumour has it, it was found locked up guarding a treasure hoard, abandoned by its creator one knows how long! They may have been created during the time of the arcane purge, also known as the Crusade of the Knights of Valour, as a way for their creators soul to live on through them.

Basic Information


From what information that is available, it seems though the construct has the same anatomy as a human. Two arms, two legs, a torso, a neck, and a head. Although, its physical appearance can vary, depending on how it is sculpted to look by its creator. For example, it may be created to look like a dragonborn.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sentinel Construct cannot reproduce in the way that humans can, they are sentient constructs. In order for more of them to exist, they must be constructed by someone. And in order to gain sentience, a species that has a grasp of what sentience actually is must use magic in order to create sentience, and a soul, for the construct.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The typical sentinel construct has a sense of hearing, and sight...with their sight also being enhanced to allow them to see in the dark. Though unfortunately they cannot taste or smell. Their sense of touch is also a lot duller than that of a humans, they can indeed tell when they are touching things, but cannot quite tell exactly what it is that they are touching.
Scientific Name
Homo inanis


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