The Barony of Rocknest


[40% Elf, 20% Tiefling, 15% Tortle, 10% Aarakocra, 10% Dwarf, 5% Genasi]

When Rocknest was originally founded, it was a mismatch of races from the very beginning. The lords of the land, as most people know, were an Aarakocra, Wood-Elf, Tiefling, Earth Genasi, and a Tortle. Shortly after its founding, Dwarves were introduced, being the first settlement to reintroduce Dwarves to the Isle of Corin. After word had spread of the lords heroic exploits, more and more creatures began to flock to Rocknest.


In the year 242 AR Rocknest was given its independency from The Elven Empire by the royal family, and it became an Oligarchy. The town is ruled by multiple royals who appoint a lord mayor to oversee administration, with additional noble families sharing responsibility for different districts within the city, an elected council representing the middle class.


The town is surrounded in by stone wall with defence towers along the perimeter. Though the most notable element of Rocknest's defences would be the pet Roc of the royal family TORTLE. The Roc resides in the royal estate, coming and going as it pleases.

Industry & Trade

The Kings of Rocknest brought the dwarves back to the material plane, and so they have the largest workforce of dwarven miners. Along with that, the town has a portal with access to the Plane of Earth, making Rocknest one of the largest mineral and gem exporters on Corin.


There are a plethora of cultural districts within Rocknest, moreso than any other city on Corin. This is mainly due to the fact that the city was founded by a very multicultural group of many races. And so, many races were attracted to this land of promise. The Aarakocra and the Tortles share a district. The Dwarves have their district on the surface, and a more secluded district under the city itself that leads to the mines. The temple district is composed of multiple different pantheons, at the heart of the district there is a temple that belongs to the pantheon of the temple of divinities.   Then of course, there are districts denoting different social classes. The Noble district, middle class, and the slums.   While each cultural district may have its own form of entertainment and labour, there is a dedicated entertainment district which was established by King Elgin Chong. At the heart of this district lies the first ever brothel to open in this region of Corin, with a staffing of many different races. Aarakocra Dwarven Tortle


The most notable enterprise within this fair town would be that of King Elgin Chong who owns a substantial sized brothel that can be found by the wealthy district. People come from near and far to witness this business in action. Another noteworthy business would be that of a ladder store, constructed by Aarst Weetik before his ascension to divinity.

Guilds and Factions

Being vastly multicultural, Rocknest has a sizeable network of factions. The Wardens,


Rocknest is a former member of the Wood-Elf Kingdom of Llwyrnau, the first kings of Rocknest used to be mere Barons, overseen by a local Liege Lord of Rocknest along with a reeve who was appointed by the royals of the Wood-Elf Kingdom of Llwyrnau. Even while the settlement was in its starting stages, a seat on the nobles council has always been left open for a member of the public. This seat would have been held by Lord TIEFLING, had he not fallen upon the adventurers travels. Which, in time, became the Lord Mayor position. An elected town council has always represented the people among the nobles.


The majority of tourism that goes through Rocknest would be people looking to become followers of Aarst Weetik in his original temple. Elves, half-elves, aarakocra, and even some humans would come from near and far to worship this lowly hero who had become a god. There is an interest for those who study nature and its curiosities as well, not many people have seen a Roc in person and lived to tell the tale. And so, the fact that Rocknest has their own tamed Roc makes it a hotspot for those who wish to study the gargantuan bird. As it is with many settlements, there is another type of tourism, one of more...acquired tastes. As mentioned multiple times within this document, Rocknest is home to the largest, widest variety, and the first brothel within this region of Corin. The brothel has races such as elves, orcs, tieflings, genasi, and even changelings among its staff, making it a hub of some of the most sought-after races on Corin.


There are many different forms of architecture, usually changing depending on the district. The tortles prefer buildings that are domed. The aarakocra like to have a communal nesting place so there is a substantial sized tower in the centre of their district. And the dwarves, well they prefer to live underground. Any buildings they have on the surface are usually solid, strong structures made of metal and stone.

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141 SI
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