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The Order were always quite clear about their agenda and views. They were there to uphold law and order within the kingdom of Sordun, and to protect from any foreign threats. Such as Drow, Orc, Goblin...whatever it may be.


The Order of Valour was a modern-day interpretation of the Knights of Valour. A group of Sordunian nobles that banded together to use their collective influence to better the Kingdom - in order to assist the King, of course. Though they may not have been descendants of the original knights, the order were very much upholders of tradition. The head of the group was the noble who had the most power at the current state in time. For example; Though the town of Gabel is indeed larger than Beldor, Duke Edwin DeVoss was the last leader of the order. This is due to the fact that it was well known he was very good friends with King Thamar, and his territory as a whole was significantly larger than a single town.


The order took a fatal blow in its hierarchy when its last leader fell, along with a few of his fellow compatriots, upon the day of the Fireworks of Eldor. After that day, communication between the surviving members is assumed to have been almost non-existent due to how scattered their forces were and no one was sent to Eldor to reclaim the territory. Rumours then circulated throughout the kingdom that the order had been working alongside the vampire threat. The order was officially dissolved after the events of the Arcane Rebellion took place, leaving one surviving noble, the Earl of Gabel. There were actions taken by supposed members of the order but in terms of the previous structure of the organization it was practically non-existent.

10 SI - 141 AR

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