King of Sordun


In order to become King of Sordun, you must be at least 18 years of age, human, and of royal descent. However, should an heir marry before turning 18, they will then take the position from the regent and become the next King. In the event that there is no members of the royal family left, a noble household may take up the throne, usually it is the next most powerful household other than that of the royals. Under no circumstances should a member of another race become a royal, especially not the reigning monarch. No exceptions.


A new monarch may be appointed by the previous one who has abdicated the throne in order for them to take their place. Though, upon the event that the previous monarch has died, the General of the Army shall present the crown to the new King during the coronation. The people of the Human Kingdom of Sordun shall gather along the streets in the Capital City of Thraldur to bear witness to the coronation, which shall take place inside the throne room. The noble households shall leave a group of guards at their settlements to maintain order while they are away.


The position of the monarchy, and that of the King, has long remained intact throughout the years. Each new king maintaining the order that King Aldurin Thamar achieved during his reign throughout the arcane crusades.

Notable Holders

King Aldurin Thamar, Grand Lord Inquisitor of the Arcane Deprivation.
Nobility, Hereditary
The position of the King is as powerful as ever, and as terrifying...
Alternative Naming
Lord Majesty Inquisitor
Current Holders
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