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  Tucker Scheving was an FBS official hot on the trail of the evil chess-themed gadgeteer Checkmate. When Tucker barged in on Checkmate's lab, Checkmate surrendered without a fight, as his gadgets were out of whack.   After Checkmate was arrested, Tucker looked over the broken gadgets. Tucker's first thought was, “I can fix them.”   He could not.   Thankfully, T-Wreck from the FBS could, so he repaired the chess gizmos for Tucker.   After that, Tucker began his career as an FBS member as Grandmaster.  


  Tucker’s not much of a fighter, but at the same time, he's an excellent combatant that uses his gadgets efficiently. He's not much for interviews, preferring to whack the bad guys over the head, and get out.  


  “Check and mate!”  


  Tucker has different chess gadgets. Their abilities are:  
  • Pawns - Drones
  • Rooks - Shields
  • Knights - Swords
  • Bishops - Staffs
  • Queen - Elemental Blaster
  • King - Force Field


  Tucker is a 6'2” man with blonde hair and blue eyes characteristic of his Icelandic heritage. His costume is a black-and-white checkered bodysuit.

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