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  Bonnie Barnes was a government scientist working at a secret government facility somewhere in the desert of New Mexico. Her area of expertise was radiation. Curious to see how radiation would affect a magical artifact, she got her hands on a magic sandstorm-summoning necklace and detonated a small nuke by it. Bonnie would never forget the result of this experiment.   When Bonnie went out to grab the necklace, the second she touched it, she exploded too! All that was left of Bonnie was a pile of irradiated ash. But when the scientists tried to spread her ashes, something weird happened. The ashes coalesced in the wind and re-formed into Bonnie! Somehow the necklace turned Bonnie's body into radioactive ash. Testing revealed that she could reshape her particulate form into a myriad of shapes, fly, and, most importantly, fire devastating blasts of radiation.   With her newfound powers, Bonnie became the undisputed radioactive champion of the FBS.  


  Bonnie mostly keeps to herself and doesn't interact much with the other FBS members. She mostly just does experiments. However, if Demon Core ever shows his face, she'll gladly take a mission.  


  “Who wants a radiation blast?!”  


  Bonnie's body is a cloud of radioactive ash, so she can fly and squeeze through small openings, as well as release blasts of radiation.  


  Bonnie is a 5'8” woman with an average build, ash gray skin, and sickly green eyes. Her “hair” (if you can call it that) is made of gray ash and is wavy.

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