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  Kendra Johnson was born in the urban hellhole known as Detroit, Michigan. She was an expert athlete, so it was no surprise she was recruited for the military. It was pretty boring on the base in Tsaloristan. Until it wasn't.   One day, Kendra's entire unit was massacred by the Mamlaki supervillain Black Scorpion and his cronies. Kendra was heavily wounded, but she survived. After fleeing, she came across a mysterious box. When she opened it, she was immediately blinded by a bright flash. When her sight returned, she was in a military hospital.   Soon after coming to, Kendra began to hear voices. Actually, just one voice. A voice that said he was named Phil. Phil said he was a light, a being from Newland that could grant superpowers. So, Kendra tried to turn into her lightbearer form, but couldn't. Phil explained this was because he was exiled from Newland for practicing dark magic and had some of his power drained. “Sure...”, said Kendra.   When Kendra was released back to Detroit, something weird happened. When she heard an engine backfire, she immediately had flashbacks to the attack on her base. Then the weird part happened. Her skin and eyes turned blood red and she sprouted horns from her forehead. After that, Kendra flew into a rage and trashed the car that triggered her PTSD. She then proceeded to attack a bunch of civilians and somehow use fire control to nearly burn some to a crisp. It took calling in the FBS to tranquilize her.   When she regained consciousness, Kendra asked what happened. After the explanation, Kendra was horrified. She had turned into a demon and attacked innocent people. This was all Phil's fault! Phil apologized profusely, but Kendra wasn't having any of it. And when Eclipse started making popcorn, Kendra transformed. Again. After she busted out of containment, she was subdued by Patriot, who managed to figure out that Kendra's transformations were tied to her PTSD. Realizing that, Patriot resolved to help Kendra and Phil overcome their differences and become a superhero. After much therapy, Kendra became the FBS's very own Demoness.  


  Kendra is one tough cookie. She's overcome so much in life that most people would give up in the face of. However, beneath her exterior, she's a mess. Her PTSD has made life super hard. However, she has awesome friends, and Phil, who is also an awesome friend to her.  


  “Phil, you got any intel on this guy?”  


  Whenever she has a PTSD attack, Kendra turns into a demon-looking creature. In her demon form she can shoot fire, and is super strong and tough.  


  Kendra is a well-built 5'10” African-American woman with long, straightened black hair and brown eyes. In her demon form, she has blood red skin and eyes along with sharp teeth and horns. Her costume is an army green shirt and army green shorts.

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