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Captain Cactus

Captain Cactus



  Tom Crow Foot was born in Dinetah, Arizona to two guards at Tartarus Super Prison. Every day he hoped he’d be able to become a guard. But he was too weak and scrawny. One day, he decided that there was only one way to join his parents in their careers: getting superpowers.   After finding a cactus that had been irradiated, he drank its juice. After the ensuing transformation into a buff humanoid cactus, Tom enrolled in AZSA and graduated with flying colors.   While the guard thing didn’t work out, superheroics did! And as an the FBS member, Tom is using his status to advocate for Indians across the country.  


  Tom is, ironically, terrible at staying still. He's always on the move to stop a crime and talk about the plight of the American Indian.  


  “Time for the spines!”  


  Tom is covered in pointy spikes that he can injure villains with. He can also photosynthesize.  


  Tom is 5'11” with a muscled build, green skin, yellow eyes, and a red jumpsuit with a green Navajo symbol on it.

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