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The Seed of Vile Knowledge

The Seed of Vile Knowledge

At some point, you stumbled across one of the many seeds or budding sprouts of The Vile Tree of Knowledge which fell from on high. Perhaps it was the mysterious color emitting from the small tangled form. Perhaps you, while stranded and starved, stumbled upon a grotesque and twisted tree with ashen bark, black leaves, and pulsing purple fruit wrapped in vines that called upon you to partake in the forbidden meal. Or maybe you sought after the knowledge such a forbidden fruit was said to have held... Whatever may be the case, you now have a seed sprouting within you, growing, and granting you access to the horrid magics which the tree doth hold. You can feel it. Ever present. Ever watching. It grows within you, molding and adapting you as it sees fit. It calls on you to spread it... every waking and sleeping moment of your existence nags and beckons you... "Spread."

The Seed of Vile Knowledge Features:

Warlock Level Feature(s)
1st Expanded Spell List, Vile Blooms, Forbidden Knowledge of the Vile Roots
6th Twisted Roots of the Blooming Spout
10th Return to Thy Roots
14th Behold the Vessel of the Vile Tree

The Seed of Vile Knowledge Expanded Spell List:

Spell Level Spells
1st Entangle, Goodberry*
2nd Spike Growth, Summon Beast
3rd Bestow Curse, Speak with Plants
4th Confusion, Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound
5th Commune with Nature, Tree Stride
*When you cast this spell you do not require a material component, the berries growing as fruits from your own body. A creature eating one of these berries must make a DC 10 Con Save or becomes infected with a small Seed of Vile Knowledge. A creature infected in this manner has disadvantage on saves made to resist your spells for a number of days equal to your Proficiency Modifier. The seed can be destroyed by a Remove Curse, Lesser Restoration, or Greater Restoration spell.


Vile Blooms:

Starting at 1st level, the seed within you allows you to devour the life force of others to supplement your own. Whenever you deal damage to a creature you can magically implant a singular Blooming Flower as a part of the attack. You can have a maximum number of these Flowers equal to 1/2 your charisma modifier(rounded up, minimum of one). At the start of each of your turns which an enemy has at least one of these sprouting flowers attached to them or embedded in them, you can choose one of the following effects for all such enemies to suffer:
  • Infected Creatures suffer a negative penalty to all of their attack rolls equal to the number of Flowers they have implanted in them
  • Infected Creatures suffer a negative penalty to all ability checks equal to the number of Flowers they have implanted in them
  • Infected Creatures suffer a negative penalty to their damage rolls equal to the number of Flowers they have implanted in them
  As a Bonus Action on your turn, you can cause the Blooming Flowers to wilt, causing necrotic damage equal to your proficiency modifier for each Flower attached to or embedded in the creature. You gain half of the damage dealt by this effect as Temporary Hitpoints(rounded up). These Temporary Hit Points last for a number of hours equal to your Proficiency modifier or until the end of your next short or long rest, whichever is shorter.

Forbidden Knowledge of the Vile Roots:

  Starting at 1st level, you add your Charisma Modifier to the following skill checks and become proficient in one of your choice: Arcana, History, Religion, & Nature.

Additionally, the roots that have taken hold in you are as hard as some metal. You can make a melee spell attack using your Charisma Modifier with these roots in place of an attack when taking the Attack Action with a reach of 10 feet, dealing 1d6+Charisma Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing damage of your choice. This increases to a 1d8 when you have attained 10 levels in the Warlock class. If you fire a ranged weapon that requires ammunition you can also choose to create ammunition as a part of the attack from these roots as well.

If you take the Pact of the Blade at 3rd level, this attack can gain any benefits a Pact Weapon would from Eldritch Invocations should you select the Pact of the Blade.

If you take the Pact of the Chain at 3rd level, you can choose to summon a Vile Petal Servant when casting the Find Familiar spell.

Vile Petal Servant

Tiny plant, aberration, neutral evil
Armor Class 15
Hit Points 17(4d4+4)
Speed 30ft Burrow: 10ft Climb: 30ft


5 -3


18 +4


13 +1


10 0


13 +1


15 +2

Skills Deception: +4, Stealth: +6, Sleight of Hand: +6
Damage Resistances Necrotic, Psychic, Force
Damage Immunities Poison
Condition Immunities Frightened, Poisoned
Senses Darkvision: 60 feet, Tremorsense: 10 feet
Languages Abyssal, Telepathy 30ft
Challenge 1

False Appearance: While the Vile Petal Servant remains motionless it appears as a flower which most would not be able to identify. A creature may attempt to make an Intelligence(Arcana) check vs DC 21 to identify the flower if they do not know of their existence or a DC 16 if they do know.

Draining Aura: At the start of its turn in combat while it has at least 1 hitpoint, the Vile Petal Servant can choose 1 creature within 60 feet of it. That creature takes 1 Necrotic Damage, and the Vile Petal Servant recovers 1 hit point.


Vile Sting: Melee Weapon Attack, +6 to hit, reach 5 feet, one target. Hit: (6) 1d4+4 Piercing Damage, and the creature must make a DC 11 Constitution Saving throw or become Poisoned for 1 minute and take (10) 3d6 Poison Damage. On a success, the creature takes Half the poison damage and does not become Poisoned. If the Poisoned creature fails by 5 or more they also become Unconcious until it takes damage or something uses it's action to shake them awake.

Infesting Corruption: The Vile Petal Servant targets one Incapacitated Creature within 5 feet of it that is of the Vile Petal Servant's CR or lower(Or alternatively lower than your Proficiency bonus if it acts as your familiar) and is tiny or larger. It sinks its roots into the creature and attaches itself to the creature. While the Vile Petal Servant is attached to the creature in this way the Host creature is Charmed and follows the commands of the Vile Petal Servant, regardless of any threat to itself, for a number of hours equal to 24 - their Constitution Score(Minimum of 1/2). While attached in this way the Flower assumes the statistics of the Host, and is able to access its actions and abilities. At the end of this time, the Vile Petal Servant detaches from the host, dealing (3) 1d6 Necrotic damage to the host and giving them 1 level of exhaustion.

A small, blooming pinkish-purple flower with an ashen stem that lets off the most minute degree of foreign light. These beings serve the seeds of The Vile Tree of Knowledge, be they in mortals or grow into full-sized trees. These beings are entirely subservient to the seeds they serve and will follow commands with similar ferocity to a necromancer's undead.

If you take the Pact of the Tome at 3rd level, you also learn the Druidcraft Cantrip as a Warlock spell that does not count against your Cantrips known or Learned from your Pact of the Tome Feature(s).

If you take the Pact of the Talisman at 3rd level, if the creature wearing your talisman is within 30 feet of you when you use the bonus action granted to you by your Vile Blooms Class Feature, you can instead choose to give them the Temporary Hitpoints instead of taking them for yourself.

Twisted Roots of the Blooming Sprout:

  Beginning at 6th level, when a creature is infested by one of your Blooming Flowers from your Vile Blooms feature, as an Action on your turn you can cause their roots to blossom rapidly in order to restrain the creature. The Creature makes a Strength Saving Throw against your Spell Save DC, becoming Restrained on a failure. A creature takes a penalty to this saving throw equal to the number of Blooming Flowers it is infested with if it does not have advantage on the Save.

While a creature is Restrained by this effect, a creature within 30 feet of the Restrained creature regains 1 Hit Point any time they deal damage with an attack that requires an attack roll.

Once you use this feature you cannot do so again until you finish a Short or Long Rest, unless you expend a Warlock Spell Slot to use it again.

Return to Thy Roots:

  Beginning at 10th level, when a creature infested by your Vile Blooms feature misses an attack roll, fails a skill check, or deals 0 damage as a result of the penalty they take from your Vile Blooms feature, you deal an additional 2d10 of necrotic damage on your next damage roll against a creature.

In addition, whenever you would be reduced to 0 Hit Points or less, you immediately become wrapped in an explosive growth of roots. This Cocoon of roots has Hit Points equal to 5 times your Warlock level, is immune to Poison, Psychic, and Necrotic Damage, has Vulnerability to Fire Damage, and has an Armor Class Equal to your Spellsave DC. While in the Cocoon you count as Incapacitated, can cause the Cocoon to move up to 15 feet on your turn once per round, and regain 1 Hitpoint at the start of each of your turns that the Cocoon has not taken Fire Damage.

Once a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier have gone by, or the Cocoon is destroyed due to damage, you are ejected from the Cocoon and land Prone within 5 feet of it's husk in an empty space of your choosing. After this ability has been activated in this way, you cannot use it again for 1d4 Long Rest.

Behold the Vessel of the Vile Tree:

  Starting at 14th level, you become one with the seed which has taken root in your form. Access to the Tree's endless and forbidden knowledge has granted you Expertise in the skill you chose proficiency in from your Forbidden Knowledge of the Vile Roots feature at 1st level.

Additionally, the number of Blooming Flowers which you can have active at a time from your Vile Blooms feature increases by a number equal to half of your Proficiency Modifier(Rounded Down), however, you may only have a number infesting a singular creature equal to 1/2 your Charisma modifier(rounded up) at a single time. You may burst all Flowers from your Vile Blooms feature at once or one creature at a time as you desire.

Lastly, as an action on your turn you may manifest the visage of your Patron, targeting one creature which you can see within 60 feet of you. That creature must make a Charisma OR Intelligence Saving Throw(of its choice). On a failure, the creature becomes Incapacitated as it is overwhelmed by the tree's informational relay into its mind, its speed drops to 0, and any buff spells it was affected by or becomes affected by are nullified as though by Dispel Magic as the tree devours the magic which powers the spells until the end of your next turn.

On subsequent turns, you can use your action to maintain this effect, extending its duration until the end of your next turn. However, should you move out of a direct line of sight, the creature becomes unable to see or hear you for any reason, or it takes any damage the effect ends immediately.
Once you have manifested your Patron's visage you cannot do so again until you finish a long rest.

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