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1264 AE

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A world that exists as a interplanar hub. A single continent sits atop an infinite pillar, connected by mysterious Gates to ten powerful other worlds. The world is populated by all sorts of intelligent humanoid races, though 5 have risen above small tribes and have much higher populations than other races. These are Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings. Among these 5 the elves were first to appear and before anything else had come into being they had already built an impressive society. Ancient infrastructure runs throughout the great forests of Nexolith, most knowledge of their workings long since lost to the elves who still reside there and make use of it. Despite this, the elves still enjoy domain over the other races of the world, their superiority had never been in question. Over 1200 years ago though, a human king named Renault began to amass land and power; and believed humans to be next in line to control this world. He waged a decades long campaign, forcing the elves back into their forest homes and expanding human territory. With his death though, humanity lost its momentum and battlefronts turned to borders over the centuries. Humanity's newest King however may have what it takes to begin the campaign anew.