Hyenadog History

As one of the first creatures to be domesticated by the Neanderthals who arrived on Alternata, the Hyenadog has a long and storied past. These magnificent creatures were some of the first encountered by the newcoming ancient humans. By this time, the Hyenadog was technically yet to be created, still in their most basal form as Hyaenodon gigas. Having already spent thousands of years on Alternata, the magic had changed them to essentially become sapient. Magic allowed them to speak through the minds of the early humans, and while relationships were tenuous at first, the neighboring packs of Hyaenodon and the Neanderthals were able to work out a deal. As Alternata is infinite, there was no reason to worry about lack of food or prey running out, so they had no need to compete. Thanks to this, they were both able to relax into a rather comfortable and carefree lifestyle.   It was not until decades after the arrival of man that the idea of domestication entered the minds of either party. They did realize that they were better off together than apart; the Hyaenodon were skilled hunters, but lacked most intelligence the humans had developed. They were being pushed out of their territory by bear-dogs and dire wolves. On the other hand, the Neanderthal humans were able to stand their ground, but they were not as skilled at hunting large prey like the Hyaenodon. Their relationship first began as a truce, and later progressed into something much more.   Because of the sapience of the species, selective breeding by humans was nearly nonexistent; rather, the Hyaenodon selectively bred themselves to achieve the desired traits. Those who wanted to adapt more to humans and have more physical beauty became the Show build. Those who preferred function over form remained the Standard build. And, finally, those who wanted speed became the Racing build. And thus, the Hyenadog was born.


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