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Meteor Infection

The players go to investigate Starfall Station and discover a parisite was relesed from the meteor, they must kill all the parisites while killing as few villigers as possible.



The adventurers are called upon by Yogner to investigate a shimpment of food that never arrived.


Upon arriveing, the only people still in town are a few preists barricaded in the church. They instruct the players to kill of the couple ticks in the town before going after the hoard that has gone off tward some nearby farms.

Rising Action

After killing the few in the town, they should set off in the direction the preists gave them.


They will find the hoard just entering a new house, the people inside arent yet under the control of the ticks, if they can deffeat the ticks before the family is infected they will get a bounus reward of 10gp per pearson from the family.

Falling Action

The villigers will be counted as takeing death saves once they are slain, the more they save, through medicine checks or healing, the better.


The priests will take in everyone, if they are dead they can't do anything but if they are just unconsies or low they will be able to save them. They will give the adventurers healing potions if they help save some of them (1 potion for every person above half). Okenheart officials will also pay each member of the party 25gp for dealing with the infection.



Defeat the infected and save thier lifes if possible.


A 25 gp per person reward upon completion.


The towns might go hungry without the food.

Red Herrings

They might expect it to be bandits.



3 preiests still in the church.


Skull Ticks (Stibbles 12) Zombies



Combat / Engagement - Fighting the ticks on the road 1st+1z Discussion / Interaction - Talking to the preists Combat / Engagement - Fighting the ticks in town 2st+1z Combat / Engagement - Fighting the ticks on the farm 2st+2z
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