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The First Siege of Sorrowguard Stronghold

Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
29th of Tempna, 222 NP
Ending Date
30th of Tempna, 222 NP
Conflict Result
Adeola's Militia views The Dilato as a more of a real threat that need to be taking out before the grow in numbers.



1,720 Koumptain soldiers with The Desert Rose as a specialty unit. Standard level anti-siege equipment. Under the command of Siege Master Cornid Ovayla, a highly experienced and trained general with her commanders.
2,899 Militia members, 5 war elephants, several standard siege weapons, and 3 arcana cannons.


608 fallen soldiers, 243 true deaths
1,188 fallen soldiers, 368 true deaths


Defended Sorrowguard to maintain the last Empire allied location on the mainland of the desert.
Conquer Sorrowguard to remove the last Empire back location from the mainland has The Desert Rose refused to fly the rebel flag.


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