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Ulama Averroes (421). The Great Monstrosities of The Mortal Plane.

Basic Information


These rare creatures appear to look like a set of rings orbiting an infant human. The rings are filled with an array of monstruous eyes. Although they do fly, they do some though their divine magic, not any ordinary methods, and the speed of their flight in incredibly fast. The ring are made of Caelum, making them highly hunted. These metal rings are a faintly blue and highly polished, and they emit a bright light from their core that they can flash to blind attackers or prey. Ophanim's also posser great innate divine magical powers, powerful enough to take on larger groups of skilled fighters alone. Also, they have the power to resurrect the fallen, thus fighting more than one of the celestials at once is a endless battle.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Ophanim absorb other creatures for nutarians by ripping them apart with fast spinning rings. Then the core pulls the shredded creature inward to absorb it. They eat less than other creautes their size, but they also do not produce waste nor require water.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Highly intelligent creatures, beyond most humanoids. They carry with them an understanding of the divine law that most mortals can not even being to comprehend. They can communicate via telepathy to other creatures through any language.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Its many eyes can see far more, and far better, than any creature I've studied. It appears to have a supernatural sense beyond true seeing, they can see and understand anything the look at including illusion magic. Their magical sight also can peer into ones intentions and lies, they cannot be tricked by mortal creatures.
Art Credit: Unknown
Average Height
10 foot sphere
Average Weight
4,000 lbs


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