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House Dihir


House Dihir works with two internal systems: The Family and The Guild. The family is overseen by the eldest living, and healthy, member of the bloodline referred to as the Head of House or Elder Dihir. Their responsibilities lay in the political responsibilities of the house within Koumaptian courts. They also hold the power to banish members from the family and to veto marriage within the family. Still under the rule of the House Elder is the secondary leader of the Dihir Guild, the Master of Dihir. The Master oversees the spy ring and affairs of gathering knowledge and hiring non-house members to assist them. Although the guild is primarily Dihir's blood, anyone with the guild answers to the requests of the Master who is only overruled by the Elder. Outsiders within the guild are under the full domain of the Master and the Elder cannot overrule decisions made about them. The Master also shares the power, effectively, to banish house members, but the Elder must approve it. The position of Master is controlled by the Elder and must be a blood member of the family. Outside of these two positions the older you are, and the closer your blood is to the current Elder, is your position within the family. Outsiders are can rise to great respect within the guild, but cannot have to say over a blood member.

Public Agenda

Like the other nine Houses, Dihir wishes for the best Koumapti Empire. They believe this can be done best by making sure the government is extremely well informed at all times, and that nothing is hidden from the eyes and ears of the Empire. Politically they champion issues of internal threats, and growing foreign ones. With open eyes, they wish to spot a treat before it becomes on and deal with it proactively rather than reactively. Most conventionally they are well known, are criticized, for assassinating anyone who whispers about a revolution of harming "the Empire and its core values." This power to assassinate possible treats both domestic and abroad without a vote between the other Houses is Dihir's Executive Right.

We Know

Founding Date
21st of Novna
Political, Family
Family Leader


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