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Physical & Chemical Properties

Like other skymetals, Caelum its extremally study. Caelum posses two distinctive properties. Firstly, its very deadly to fiendish creatures which is why its a favorite of holy champions. Secondly, and more powerfully, Cealum has a magical gravitational field. With training, this can allow armor made of it to withstand blows by slowing down incoming blades, or speed up your own blade. There are even counts of a champion who was able to pull others weapons from their hands with its gravity field.


Although no smith has ever been able to successful preform the craft, it was proven possible though small scale trails that you can combined Caelum with Adamantium to for what has been called Adalum. Which would be the hardest metal, but does loose the gravitational properties of Caelum.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Because of its celestial origins many religious groups view it as a holy artifact. Crafting sigils of gods out of the material to hang in grand temples. Holy warriors of the highest renown also regular have gear craft partial or full from Caelum.


Unrefined Caelum can be found in many of the divine planes, although worth far less then the refined metal. Very little smiths have the skill and materials for the long a difficult refinement process which is why most of the in use Cealum comes from angles, archon, and Ophanims. The general idea of the process first has you removing many imparities through high heats, as Cealum has a very high melting point. Next, the smith must shock the metal with extreme heats and colds to cause some of the Cealum to crack of as it tends to mix in with outer sky metals. This part of the process can take weeks for only a pound of material, and if done wrong can cause other sky metals like adamantium to mix in to the batch. Lastly, it take must be soaked with holy water that maintains is blessing for 30 days before its magical properties are no longer dormant.


If molten Caelum come into contact with anything fiendish it try's to destroy it, causing an explosion of positive energy destroying the metal in the process.

Reusability & Recycling

Once properly refined or harvested the metal can be reshaped and reused by most smiths with high end forages and skills.
10,000 gp per 1 Bulk ingot
Faintly Sky Blue with a Highly Reflective Silver Base


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