04 May 2022: May the Fourth Be With You

As the various ships from the astral sea begin to appear yet again, this time their presence remains. The stars have aligned and so allow me to introduce; the Siverain! This class is legal for all events and aspects as a full character, and for this month only we will have special rewards for interacting with them.  

Revised Siverain Class

Through multiple revisions and reworks, not to mention some build testing here in the back, we'd like to introduce the newest iteration of the Siverain Class; now with added subclasses.   Class: Siverain  


For this month only, any adventure will receive bonus experience if the party makeup includes a Siverain. These rewards adhere to the following:
  • Soloing: +10% xp
  • Duoing: +20% xp
  • PowerCouple: +10% xp
  • DM-led adventure: DM-discretion

    Weave Crystals & Legendary Siverain Items

    We are also introducing Weave Crystals, which can be used to enhance weaveblades similar to magic items, and Legendary Siverain Items. Both Weave Crystals and these Legendary items can be discovered by performing the Armament of Legacy challenges utilizing our roleplay reward system. The following items have been added to the available list for this month only, and are not currently available for purchase.       Also a Legendary Ring, known as Covenant   Roleplay Rewards  

    And More!!!

    As the month progresses, keep your eyes to the sky for more Siverain ships as we may release additional announcements in the days to come. This is an exciting month for us all and remember, may the fourth be with you.