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New Tristan

10th era, year 273, late summer

The common world. A world split into 5 big countries long ago, four of them with a strong bond among humans, dwarfs, halflings, gnomes and elves, known as New Tristan. But the last country is greatly separated and forever hostile, this land is known by the New Tristan people as the outskirt.   Many years have passed in balance, wars have been won and lost, borders rearranged and reset again. Change come and go, but the land always manages to keep order. For some time a great calmness have been over the land, kings and queens have come and gone, but nothing major ever happened. Lately a spark has ignited the common people of the land, a revolution is to come and and uproar among the laboring class is at hand.   New Tristan is the setting where my roleplaying campaign mainly takes place. It has everything a standart fantasy world should have, and just a little bit more. Not fully fleshed out yet, there is still room for changes, improvement and new elements to this complex land.

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