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Unicorn's Sight

The Unicorn's Eye is a longstanding symbol of order and the power of nature and has been used as a ward against evil for millennia. The practice of tattooing this symbol, a tradition called gaining a "Unicorn's Sight," began around 950 by the Quiaties. It soon spread to the people of Canterlund and Helpharia as well.   Tattooing the symbol was thought to give one the ability to perceive (and in some cases drive off) evil. Some stories tell of tattooed men and women rising to prominent status after arriving as strangers in a particular village. A wary nobleman might go so far as to invite a tattooed guest to a banquet in the hopes of staving off his enemies' political machinations.   The tradition was more common in women, especially in the regions of Jonu Quiato, where it was believed tattooing the symbol just above the womb would ensure a docile child that would grow to be righteous. By 1200, nearly every elder in every village across the Mindreland bore Unicorn's Sight, at which point the practice faded into tradition, unquestioned as every child above the age of 6 was pierced with a variant of the design.  

Symbol and Practice

The symbol itself varies widely especially as a tattoo. Some variants are simply made, possessing one of the single characteristic Unicorn pupils. Others are more intricate and pronounced, being placed on the center belly, back, or forehead.   Because of its popularity, some artists specialized exclusively in the design, mastering hundreds of nuances on the basic design. Others--particularly those of the cities--rejected it as commonplace and not worth their talents.
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