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Knight of the Dagger

To all here present, know that Frances Angelina Kirkbride, Countess of Greenrivers, having been recognized for exceptional service to the Crown and Nation, is hereby admitted as a Distinguished Knight in the Order of the Dagger.   Francis Kirkbride, please kneel and receive your knighthood. With this dagger, we charge you to seek out those who would abuse our laws and exploit our subjects. With this sash, we demand you remain above wordly temptations. With your oath, we swear to answer your calls for justice.   Arise, Dame Kirkbride, and be recognized as a Knight of the Dagger.
— Knighting Ceremony of Lord Frances Kirkbride, Countess of Greenrivers
Most of Albion's orders of chivalry and honor are highly visible, with grand knighthood ceremonies honoring inductees for their service to the nation. For the kingdom's more discrete servants, the Order of the Dagger exists. Commonly awared to members of the intelligence, law enforcement, and auditing communities, honors are awarded in private ceremonies with the monarch.  


New initiates of the Order of the Dagger are drawn from accomplished members of the law enforcement and auditing communities, or anyone else who has proven their ability and willingess to investigate corruption in Albionic society. In recent years it has grown to include members of the intelligence services who monitor foreign threats.  

Royal Commissions

Now we have our work cut out for us proving Lord Chippenreef's connection to this embezzlement scheme, but I believe our newest commissioner can help point us in the right direction. May I present the Countess Greenrivers, recently of the Caledonian Park Service. Some of you might already know her from her involvement in...
— Recording of a work call of Royal Commissioners
Knights of the Dagger are often first line picks to work in Royal Commissions, investigatatory bodies shrouded in mystery and armed with broad legal power to investigate high level corruption and threats to the nation. Established at the request of the monarch or heir, these commissions often involve extensive undercover work to find proof or reasonable suspicions of a crime. Once done, their findings are handed off to a federal court who then investigates the matter further. These commissions are thought well of by commoners, as in return for their broad legal authority they restrict their investigations rich, aristocrats, and foreign entities.  
No, we can't trust Lord Naidu with this. My father only made him Minister of Defence in order to soothe the House of Lords. He's so chuffed at his new importance that he can't help but brag to everyone within sight about every new project he's in charge of. No, I need someone discrete to look into this...what is Countess Greenrivers up to these days?
— Prince Owein Pendragon to his security advisor
With the advent of inter-stellar diplomacy in the region, Albion's monarchs have used the Royal Commissions to get a more personal understanding of their neighbors. These commisioners are inserted quietly into diplomatic or business missions, sending reports back home on their experiences.   An Albionic Royal Commisioner and Knight of the Dagger, Art by UWU-b011  

Order Symbology and Adornments

And thus Arthur triumphed over everyone...through [his] strength, [his] powerful spirit and the faith and hope that were in his heart ... and through the sacred weapons that God had given him: Rhongomyniad his spear, Caledfwlch [his] sword, and Carnwennan his dagger.
— Trioedd Ynys Prydein, The Welsh Triads
The Order of the Dagger is named after the magical dagger said to belong to King Arthur, Carnwennan. Legends claimed that this dagger had the ability to conceal its wearer from sight, to hone in on a target when thrown, and to cut through magical defenses. In one legend, Arthur uses an unnamed dagger to slay a giant, which some theorize to mean Carnwennan. These attributes are similar to the confidential nature of investigative work and its importance in cutting through the legal and cultural protections of otherwise unreachable criminals.   When in formal dress, Knights of the Dagger wear white silk sashes diagonnaly across their chest and a long pearl-white handled dagger at their waist. This comes from the translation of Carnwennan, meaning "little white hilt".  
White Sash
The sash is pearl-white silk with gold trim. It is worn from the shoulder of the dominant hand to the opposing hip, where the dagger is worn for easy access. Although only a madman would openly attack a member of the order in a formal setting, it has been known to happen by those exposed for their crimes.  
These thrusting daggers are fashioned in the "Carnwennan" style, blending the blades of highland dirks and stiletto hilts from Old Earth weapons. The hilt and scabbard is white pearl with gold trim, and the blade is kept lethally sharp.  
Additional Adornments
When wearing business attire, Knights of the Dagger may wear either a lapel pin or chain. This is the most recognized and feared style of adornment, because it usually means the knight is present to carry out the duties of a Royal Commission.   When in casual attire, Knights of the Dagger wear a ring with symbology related to the order history, in a style of their choosing.
Sidebar scene to be added: Nobles at a dance becoming period over the presence of a Knight of the Dagger, each believing that they are the reason the knight is there. The knight smugly enjoys their drink, happy to know they are drawing attention away from an actual investigation.

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