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Alex Warner (a.k.a. Cypher)


Mary Elizabeth Warner, “Emmy”, was a reporter covering yet another battle between Mechanon and the Champions. She was on scene when the Champions defeated the homicidal AI. As usual Mechanon had backup plans to deal with his inevitable defeat.   Knowing his time was almost up, he sent out a low frequency nanobot that struck Emmy in the leg. The cyber unit escaped into her bloodstream undetected. In time it would take over its host and be recreated in mechanical magnificence.   Witchcraft, sensing that something was not alright with the sudden demise of Mechanon, and sensing that “Emmy” might be in some as yet unknown danger, placed a spell of protection around her.   Unknown to either the hero nor the villain, Emmy was in her first trimester, and a latent mutant to boot.   ——————   When “The Vanishing” occurred, that set in motion Mechanon’s rebirth. At that time, Alex was 16 years old. Puberty was late arriving for him and so was his latent Mutant Gene. When Mechanon’s rebirth began its growth, Witchcraft’s spell came to life and together, with the help of Alex’s gene’s defeated the invading mechanism. The nanobots did not disappear however, instead they were transformed and became “beneficial” to the host.   That was 2+ years ago, Alex (who had always had a penchant for computers, and being able to make them work really well for him) suddenly found that as he talked to the machines, he could make them do what he wanted. He kept this ability hidden, always having his hands on the keyboard as he talked to computers.   He learned that he could hide himself from things like, speed detectors, he never got a speeding ticket even though he should have. One time, a cop pulled him over but couldn’t prove that he had been speeding, the device flashed that he was going the speed limit. Cop gave him a warning, that was it!   Now, at 18, he has mastered some of these abilities and wants to find out how he can help others in this terribly oppressive New Era.   ——————

Computer specialist, Interfacing with machines, mystically bent.

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You have breached all his walls; you have laid his stronghold in ruins

  On the job training they call it. Learn from the past, they said. You’ll be so much further ahead if you can learn from the mistakes of others, they said... Balderdash, Alex thought to himself as he and the 10 other new recruits to <insert agency name> wandered through the remains of what used to be Stronghold.   He nodded sagely as the instructor showed them the cells of once powerful Villains, gave some background information that he’d learned in high school. More of Destroyers propaganda but everyone had to tow the line. As the tour progressed he started to tune out the presenter. When bored, his mind would wander...   At one point in the tour they were shown some of the robots that used to work with the human guards. Most of the robots had been torn asunder after the Vanishing, when Destroyers goon squad took over. We were shown a mashup of metal bodies that had been placed behind glass. As the rest of the group moved away, Alex put his hand on the glass and said, “I’m so sorry my friends, that you have been dishonored this way.” As he started to move away he saw a flash of a red light. Looking closer, he saw one of the smaller robots had come to life, briefly, he looked at the others ahead of him, but they were almost out of this section.   He looked again at the little robot and thought, “if you come to me, I will restore you”. He waited but nothing happened.   He left the section and rushed to catch up with the group.   He didn’t mention anything to his comrades.   He woke up late the next day, and so he quickly showered and ran to the office. He hadn’t even bothered to listen to the radio on the way in.   Byron met him at the opening to the cubicles and motioned him over to the water coolers. “Did you hear about Stronghold? Something broke out last night! And we were just there yesterday!!   Shocked, Alex says, “What?? Who broke out? That place has been empty for years...”   No one knows, or at least no ones saying, Byron said.   This was the day the headaches started.