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Neverwinter, in this interpretation, has been over run by an infectious disease, killing hundreds of citizens and refugees within the city. The Neverwinter guard has shut down the walls of the city and quarantined the districts. Districts have been isolated from one another and many of the lower end areas are facing a heavy impact by this plague than others.    Years of insurrections by both elves and orcs have cause many elves, half-elves and half-orcs to the city in order to escape the carnage.   The city is made up of four main districts:   First is the Blacklake District named for the deep coloured lake based in the middle of the district. This district lays on the north end of the city, it houses many of the upper class citizens of Neverwinter as well as Castle Never near the mouth of the river delta. Many manors and estates can be found here as well as high end shops. It is well protected by the Neverwinter guards as well as personal security hired by the trade guilds.    The next district is the River District which lays to the east of the Blacklake District. it comes far closer to the Neverwinter river and is home to many of the skilled workers of Neverwinter. It is home to most of the shops and trades workers in Neverwinter but none as skilled as those in the Blacklake District. Most of the Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings call the River District home. The clock tower can be found here the far east of the district. The area is relatively well guarded, but due to the amount of night life here as well as the proximity to the Chasm District some dangers can be encountered.    The Chasm District can be found on the south end of the and is named for the massive scar left in the earth running through the district. Most of the refugees moving into Neverwinter move into this district, resulting in a large population. Unfortunately most of the crime in Neverwinter originated from this district as it was the lower class district before refugee crisis and the influx of refugees has pushed many of both group towards crime. This district is currently the worst off of all districts in regards to the epidemic hitting the city. The river is patrolled to keep most people from going to the River District and a massive wall has been built to keep the population out of the Protector's District. The Neverwinter guard here are not hesitant to turn to violence over arresting anyone the perceive as a criminal.    Lastly, of the districts within the walls of the city, is the Protector's District, which is connected to the Blacklake District via the large bridges near Castle Never. This district is named so as it is home to the Neverwinter guard, is also houses the Neverwinter Armouries, the Neverwinter prison, The Hall of Justice, The Neverwinter House of Knowledge as well as any of the Embassies to the City. This is also the only district that connects to the Neverwinter Harbour and houses the Tariff station. On the border of the Protector's District and the Chasm District lays the Neverwinter Churches and the Graveyard. This district is by far the most heavily guarded at all times.    Lastly outside of the city is the newly formed slums and trader districts, anybody attempting to gain entry into the city will have to wait in the slums at the south end of the city near the Chasm District or the Trade District to the north near the River District. One of the possible entry into the city is the Harbour.

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